Utilization of flax seed and essential oils for development of spent chicken nuggets
Sharma, D.P.
The study was conducted with an objective to utilize spent hen meat for development of functional chicken nuggets with application of flaxseed flour (FF) as dietary fibre source and rosemary, thyme and oregano essential oils as natural antioxidant sources. FF alone (4%) along with rosemary oil (0.01%), thyme (0.10%), oregano (0.10%) and their combination (rosemary + thyme + oregano at 0.01%+ 0.05%+0.05%) were selected on the basis of sensory evaluation for incorporation in chicken meat nuggets. Moisture content decreased significantly in treated emulsions, protein content decreased while ash and crude fibre content increased significantly in treated nuggets. A significant increase in water holding capacity, emulsion stability and cooking yield of treated nuggets was observed. Shear press value, hardness, chewiness and gumminess increased significantly while redness decreased significantly in all the treated nuggets. Significant effect on above parameters was observed due to incorporation of FF as no significant difference was noticed between FF alone and FF+ essential oil treated nuggets. Treated nuggets had better sensory scores at the end of refrigerated storage period. Overall acceptability scores of treated nuggets were above 6.0 while scores for control were around 5.0 at the end of storage. All treated nuggets had significantly lower pH and TBA in comparison to control throughout the storage period of 15 days. FF+ essential oil treated nuggets had significantly lower TBA values in comparison to FF alone treated nuggets indicating additional effect of essential oils in preventing lipid oxidation. Standard plate count, psychrotrophic count and yeast and mold counts increased in both control and treated nuggets but counts were within safety limits upto 15 days of storage. Microbial counts were non significantly lower in treated nuggets. Cost of products ranged from Rs 244 to Rs 248 per Kg. It is concluded that organoleptically acceptable, healthier chicken nuggets with shelf life of 15 days at refrigerated temperature, can be prepared from spent hen meat by incorporating flaxseed flour alone (4%) along with rosemary (0.01%), thyme (0.10%), oregano (0.10%) oil and their combination (rosemary + thyme + oregano oil at 0.01%+ 0.05%+0.05% levels).
Livestock Product Technology
Utilization of flax seed and essential oils for development of spent chicken nuggets
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