Effect of Feeding Regimens on the Growth and Carcass Traits of Large White Yorkshire Pigs
An experiment was carried to assess growth and carcass characteristics of Large White Yorkshire pigs fed with 100 per cent concentrate feed alone (T1) and 50 per cent replacement oi concentrate with swill feed (T2). Though the body weight was lower in the Swill fed group during the early period, the piglets have got compensatory weight gain at the end. The body weight was more in T2 (72.13 ± 3.60 kg ) than _T1 group (70.06 ± 2.62 kg ) at 7th month of age. Similarly the overall weight gain and daily gain was more in T2 (60.84 ± 3.72 kg and 402 ± 13.2 g) compared to T1 (58.25 ± 2.80 kg and 386 ± 10.4 g).
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