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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009X Annual Conference Of Indian Society Of Animal Genetics And Breeding And National Symposium On Conventional And New Age Breeding Technology For Livestock Centric Growth And Livelihood SecurityTANUVAS
1924X Rays Their Origin, Dosage, And Practical ApplicationSchall W.E.
1976X- Ray Diffraction Studies On Cotton /Jute Blends Vol-20Chidambareswaran ,
1955X-Ray Diffraction By Polycrystalline Materials.Peisien, H. S. ; Rooksry, H. P.
1947X-ray Diffraction Studies In Biology And MedicineSpiegel-Adolf, Mona ; Henny, G.C.
1975X-Ray Studies On Orientation Of Crystallites In Native CottonsChidambareswaran, P.K. ; N.B. Pratil ; V. Sundaram
1946X-Rays In PracticeWayne T. Sproull
2006Xenobiotic-Metabolizing Enzymes in Canine Mammary TumoursKumaraguruparan, R.; Subapriya, R.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Thangadurai, A.; Nagini, S.
2017-08Xenotransfusion in a Cat - A Successful Emergency ManagementRajnat, Karina; Baranidharan, G.R.; Senthil, N.R.; TANUVAS
1982Xii Annual Report 1981-82: All India Coordinated Project on Microbiological Decomposition and Recycling of Farm and City Wastes-
2006Xii National Seed Seminar On Prosperity Through Quality Seed 24 - 26 Feb 2006Jain S K Ed
1949Xiith International Dairy CongressInternational Dairy Congress 12th
1984Xiv International Commision 21-25 May, BangaloreBharath, D, ; Bhaskar, M, ; Reddanna, P. ; Govindappa, S.
1990XIXth International Training Course On Modern Methods in Potato ProductionHand, Hira
1992Xl Annual Kharif Oilseed Research Workers Group Meeting (Groundnut, Sesame, Niger And Sunflower): Annual Progress Report Sunflower 1991-
1992.0Xl Annual Kharif Oilseed Research Workers Group Meeting Groundnut, Sesame, Niger And Sunflower: Annual Progress Report Sesame And Niger 1991-
1992.0Xli Annual Rabi Oilseed Research Workers Group Meeting Rapseed Mustard, Rabi/Summer Groundnut, Safflower And Linseed: Annual Progress Report Linseed-
1991.0Xli Annual Rabi Oilseed Research Workers' Group Meeting Rapeseed Mustard, Rabi/Summer Groundnut, Safflower And Linseed: Annual Progress Report Rabi/Summer Groundnut 1991-92-
2003XVII Meeting Icar Regional Committee No V 30 - 31 May 2003 Agenda Notes And Status Of Centre - State Coordination For Randd Linkages In Agricultural Research Education And Research-