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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1932Oat Production In AlaskaHiggins, F. L.
1953Oat Varieties Past And PresentWelsh, J.N.
1956OatsFindlay, William M.
1908OatsBowman, M. L.; Burnett, L. C.
2012Obesity and its associated risk factors among postmenopausal womenPriyanka Prasad
1987An Objective And Sensory Assessment Of Cooking Quality Of Some Of The Varities Of Rice Grown In A PSunita Kumari
1942An Objectives Method Of Sampling Wheat Fields To Estimate Production And Quality Of WheatKing, A.J. ; McCarty, D.E. ; McPeek, Miles
1979Observasjoner Over Livssyklus Hos Jordb Errot Snutebille ( Otiorrhynchus Ov Atus L.) ( Col. Curculionidae)Stenseth, C
2014-12An Observation on Processing of Rabbit Meat by MarinationPremalatha, N.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; Chandrahasan, C.
1972Observation On Some Aspects Of Joint Diseases In Experimental And Clinical Cases In BovinesAngelo, S.J.; Pratap, Krishna
1981Observation on the Spermatozoa of Mongoose (Herpestes Vitticolis)Pattabiraman, S.R.; Narasimhan, K.S.
1969Observations On Australian Agaricales I. A Preliminary Account Of The Genus Agaricus L.Ex. Fr.Shepherd, C.J.
1966-12Observations on breeding of Major Carps in the Tilaiya and Panchet Reservoirs (CIFRI Bulletin no. 9)Gopalakrishnan, V.; Pal, R. N.; Chakraborty, P. K.
2003Observations On Growth Performance And Haema To Biochemical Profile In Broilers Supplemented With Phytase EnsymePachghare, K. V.
1955Observations On Mass Flights And Other Activities Of The Migratory GrasshopperNewton, R. C. ; Parker, J. R.
1971Observations On Parasitic Gastroenteritis In Goat With Special Reference To Control Of Stomach Worm InfectionAhluwalia, S.S.; Sastry, K. N. Vishwanatha
1972Observations On Repair Of Resected Flexor Tendons In Experimental Buffalo CalvesAnjelo, S.J.; Varkey, C. Abraham
1983Observations on Seasonal Variations on Developmental Stages of Hyalomma Anatolicum Anatolicum Koch, 1844Shastri, U.V.
1958Observations On The Biology Of Trox Procerus Har. (Coleoptera, Trogidae), A Predator Of Eggs Of The Desert Locust, Schistocerca Gregaria (Forsk.)Roffey, J.
2013Observations on the Bionomics of Common Ixodid Ticks of Ruminants in Tamil Nadu, IndiaPonnudurai, G.; Harikrishnan, T.J.; Rani, N.