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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005G and P genotyping of group ‘A’ rotavirus using RT-PCR and DNA probesGaya Prasad; Siwatch, Deepti
2014G and P typing and sequence analysis of group A rotavirus in calves and lambs in KashmirWani, Shakil Ahmad; Hassan, Mir Nadeem
-G E N E T I C I N V E S T I G A T I O NS in W A L ( Dolichos lablab Roxb. and Linn. ) and GRAM ( Cicer arietmum Linn.S. N, OMBASE
2015-06G × E interaction analysis and stability analysis in sugarcane E (Saccharum sp. complex) using Ammi modelSingh, S.P.; Kamat, Dharm Nath
1948Gaarga SamhitaP And it Venkatarao
1947Gaarga SamhitaP And it Venkatarao
1948GaargasamhitaHasanada Pandit Venkatarao
1948GaargasamhitaHasana Pandita Venkatarao
1947GaargasamhitaHasana Pandita Venkatarao
1932Gaiger And Davies Veterinary Pathology And BacteriologyGwilym O. Davies
2011Gaiye Aur bhainso Mein Gharbhashaykala-Shodh Ke Upchar Hetu Paramparagath Chikitsha Ke Vikalp Ke Roop Mein ImmunomodulatorsKumar, Harendra ; Bhushan, Ravi
2013Galactooligosaccharides production from whey using streptococcus thermophilus and assesment of their prebiotic potential.Tomar, S.K.; Sangwan, Vikas
1946Gall Midges Of Economi ImportanceBarnes , H.F
1948Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes, H.F
1946Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes, F.
1948Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes , H F
1951Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes, H.F
1949Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes, H.F.; Roebuck, A.
1946Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceH.F. Barnes
1946Gall Midges Of Economic ImportanceBarnes , H F