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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Customizing the Inclusion Level of Non Starch Polysaccharidases for Ragi / Sorghum / Ground Nut Oil Cake in the Layer (Gallus domesticus) RationViswanathan, K; Balakrishnan, V; Raja, A; Bhaurao, Ranvir Sathish; TANUVAS
1997Effect of Combined Rearing System on Broiler PerformanceKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Krishnan, K.R.; Viswanathan, K; Singh, D. Anandha Prakash; TANUVAS
1998Effect of Different Coloured Light on Broiler PerformanceMohan, B; Viswanathan, K; Krishnaraj, R; Ramesh, K; TANUVAS
2001Effect Of Enzyme Supplementation On Utilization Of Non-Starch Polysaccharides (Nsp) And Phytin Phosphorus In Japanese Quail DietsViswanathan, K; Edwin, S.C.; TANUVAS
1997Effect of Feeding Antibiotic and Probiotic on Broiler PerformanceViswanathan, K; Mohan, B; Ravi, R; Kannan, D; TANUVAS
1998Effect of Fogging on the Microclimate and Production Performance of Commercial LayersKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Karunanithi, K; Viswanathan, K; Muralidharan, J; TANUVAS
2002Effect of Saturated and Unsaturated Fat on Production Performance of BroilersMani, K; Viswanathan, K; Mani, V; Kumar, M. Senthil; TANUVAS
2009Evaluation of Customised Non Starch Polysaccharidase Mixture for Ragi / Sorghum / Ground Nut Oil Cake in ChickenViswanathan, K; Balakrishnan, V; Thyagarajan, D; Selvakumar, K; TANUVAS
2009Evolving Area Specific Mineral Mixture for Dairy Cattle in Tamil NaduBalakrishnan, V; Viswanathan, K; Thirunavukkarasu, M; Sudhaharan, S; TANUVAS
2009Feeding Eggshell Meal to Chicken LayersViswanathan, K; Edwin, S.C.; Ravi, R; Ravi, S; TANUVAS
2006Feeding Value Of Coconut Meal For Egg Type ChickenViswanathan, K; Moorthy, M; TANUVAS
2002Influence of Dietary Supplementation of Betaine and Methionine on Production Performance of BroilersViswanathan, K; Mani, K; Pandiyan, V; Vijayasundaram, N; TANUVAS
2014Nanoparticle Based Magnetic Separation for Sensitive Detection of Bacteria in MastisisVenkatesan, P; Rajkumar, N. Deepan; Tirumurugaan, K.G.; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Sunitha, G; Viswanathan, K; TANUVAS
2010Natural Products in Broiler Breeder HealthYasothai, R; Viswanathan, K; Giriprasad, R; Ramalingam, A.S.
2004Nutritional Evaluation Of Rapeseed Meal In Poultry RationsViswanathan, K; Thanaseelaan, V; TANUVAS
1997Pathology of Ochratoxicosis and Newcastle Disease and their Interaction in Broiler ChickensGeorge, V. Titus; Rao, G.V. Sudhakar; Viswanathan, K; Sakthivelan, S.M.; TANUVAS
1994Relative Efficacy of Certain Anticoccidials in Broiler FeedsViswanathan, K; Reddy, P. Ranga; Kadirvel, R; Jayanthi, K; TANUVAS
1995Rice Waste as a Replacer of Maize in Poultry RationChandrasekaran, D; Thirumalai, S; Viswanathan, K; Ambasankar, K; TANUVAS
1998Studies on the Efficacy of an Inactivated Vaccine against Hydropericardium Syndrome in BroilersDinakaran, A. Manicavasaka; Viswanathan, K; George, V. Titus; Govindarasan, K; TANUVAS
1998Studies on the Immune Response against Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccines using Single and Combined Commercial VaccinesDinakaran, A. Manicavasaka; Karunakaran, K; Viswanathan, K; Santhi, N; TANUVAS