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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Bronchoscopic Evaluation of Respiratory Tract in CalvesBalasubramanian, R; Dhanapalan, P; Vijayaragavan, C; Bardhan, Anup Kumar; TANUVAS
1993A Comparative Study on the Use of Polypropylene, Polytetrafluroethylene and Nylon Mesh for Thoracic Wall Reconstruction in DogsThilagar, S; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Vijayaragavan, C; Guha, Shyamal Kanti; TANUVAS
1995Effect of Extenders on Physico-Chemical and Organoleptic Qualities of Chicken PattiesThulasi, G; Shanmugam, A.M.; Vijayaragavan, C; Aravindan, K.K.; TANUVAS
1998An Evaluation of Trabeculectomy and Gonioimplantation for the Surgical Correction of Ocular Hypertension in DogsKumar, B. Ramesh; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Vijayaragavan, C; Lobo, Angele Beatrice; TANUVAS
1995Induction of Estrus with Different Doses and Route of Administration of Prostaglandin F2α in Crossbred CowsSubramanian, A; Rajasekaran, J; Vijayaragavan, C; Krishnakumar, K; TANUVAS
1998Ketamine Anaesthesia with Xylazine or Detomidine Premedication and Reversal with Yohimbine and 4-Aminopyridine Combination in HorsesKadirvel, R; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Vijayaragavan, C; Chitra, R; TANUVAS
1992Microanatomical Studies on the Adrenal Gland of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)Vijayaragavan, C; Venkatakrishnan, A; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Ashok, N; TANUVAS
1993Pathology of Unthriftiness in BroilersParthasarathy, K.R.; Shakir, S.A.; Vijayaragavan, C; Damodar, Pattath; TANUVAS
1992Serological Techniques for Identification of Avian SpeciesChandran, M; Shanmugam, A.M.; Vijayaragavan, C; Padmanabhan, S.K.; TANUVAS
1999Sterilization of Dogs Using Intra-Epididymal Injection of Sclerosing AgentRajasundram, R.C.; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Vijayaragavan, C; Dhamodaran, N; TANUVAS
1992Studies on Cystoplasty Using Chromicised Collagen Sheet and Chromicised Calf Duramater in DogsDavid, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Balasubramanian, N.N.; Vijayaragavan, C; Sambandam, Ch. Thirugnana; TANUVAS
1992Studies on Experimental Cholecystectomy in DogsBalasubramanian, N.N.; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Vijayaragavan, C; Suchiang, Kyrmen; TANUVAS
1992Studies on the Pathophysiology and Surgical Management of Foreign Body Ruminoreticulitis in Bovines - A Clinical and Experimental StudyAmeerjan, K; Balasubramanian, N.N.; Vijayaragavan, C; Uthuman, K. Mohamed; TANUVAS
1992Urography in Canines - an Experimental and Clinical StudyBalasubramanian, N.N.; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Vijayaragavan, C; Panicker, Anitha, K; TANUVAS