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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Age related changes in microanatomical features of the stomach in guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)Raja, K; Ushakumary, S; Rajathi, S; Kannan, TA; Satyamoorthy, OR; Ramesh, Geetha; TANUVAS
2017Culture and expansion of Adipose derived Mesenchymal stem cells in OvineBeaulah, J Violet; Ushakumary, S; Kannan, TA; William, B Justin; Ramesh, Geetha; TANUVAS
2007Gross Anatomical And Histomorphological Studies On Hypothalamo-Hypophysio-Mammary Axis Of Sheep (Ovis aries)Ramesh, Geetha; Ushakumary, S; Balachandran, C; Kulasekar, K; Paramasivan, S; TANUVAS
2020-02Gross Anatomical Studies on the Sternum of African Gray Parrot (Psittacus erithacus)Sathyamoorthy, OR; Mahaprabhu, R; Ushakumary, S; TANUVAS
2019Gross and Histological Studies of Lacrimal Gland in Goats (Capra hircus)Raja, K; Ushakumary, S; Kannan, TA; Rajathi, S; Ramesh, Geetha; TANUVAS
2019-06HISTOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS ON THE KIDNEYS OF INDIAN BLACK IBIS (Pseudibis pappillosa Temminck)Sivakumar, SA; Paramasivan, S; Ushakumary, S; TANUVAS
2019-11Micro Anatomical Studies on the Moderator Band of Spotted Deer (Axis axis)Sathyamoorthy, OR; Ushakumary, S; Thangapandian, M; TANUVAS
2011Microanatomical Studies On The Parotid And Mandibular Salivary Glands In Sheep (Ovis aries)Basha, Sabiha Hayath; Ramesh, Geetha; Ushakumary, S; Kumar, R. Suresh; Muthukrishnan, S; TANUVAS
2013-10Ocular Tear Film Stability in Extra Ocular Diseases of DogsKumaresan, A; Ramani, C; Nagarajan, L; Sridhar, R; Ushakumary, S; TANUVAS