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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Goat Breeds Based on MicrosatellitesSivaselvam, S.N.; Thangaraju, P; Kumanan, K; Cauveri, D; TANUVAS
1996Comparison of Polymerase Chain Reaction and Conventional Immunoassay Systems for Diagnosis of BluetongueNachimuthu, K; Thangaraju, P; Ramadass, P; Venkatesh, G; TANUVAS
2000Development of Primary Cell Culture in CattleKanakaraj, P; Thangaraju, P; Nayeem, Mohamed; Kurian, Elizabeth; TANUVAS
1992Effect of Cyproheptadine on Feed Intake and Growth in Broiler ChickenJayasundar, S; Samuel, J. Jayasekaran; Thangaraju, P; Muralidharan, N; TANUVAS
1992Effect of Pressure and Conventional Cooking Methods on Certain Quality Attributes of Cara BeefShanmugam, A.M.; Ramaswamy, A.M.; Thangaraju, P; Amirthavalli, S; TANUVAS
1992Effectiveness of Training on Dairy Farming TechnologySubramanian, R; Thiagarajan, M; Thangaraju, P; Sudeepkumar, N.K.; TANUVAS
2001Estimation of Polymorphic Information Content in Sheep Using Cattle MicrosatellitesThangaraju, P; Ramadass, P; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Satyanarayana, R; TANUVAS
2000Female Participation in Livestock Production : The Socio-Economic DimensionsThirunavukkarasu, M; Selvakumar, K.N.; Thangaraju, P; Christy, R. John; TANUVAS
2000Gene Mapping By Somatic Cell Hybridization Using Enzyme Markers In Indian BuffaloThangaraju, P; Kumarasamy, P; TANUVAS
2002Genetic Analysis of Production and Reproduction Performances of Tellicherry GoatsThangaraju, P; Kalatharan, J; Thangavel, A; Balaje, Major S.S.; TANUVAS
2002Genetic Characterization of Salem Black GoatRaman, K.S.; Thangaraju, P; Dhanalakshmi, B; Gopu, P; TANUVAS
2010The Global Relevance of Ethnoveterinary (Medicine) Practices for Economically Viable Sustainable Livestock ProductionThangaraju, P; TANUVAS
2000Identification Of Dna Markers In Indian Zebu Cattle Using Random Amplified Polymorphic Dna And MicrosatellitesThangaraju, P; Thiagarajan, R.; TANUVAS
1999In Vitro Developmental Competence of Sheep EmbryosPalanisamy, A; Thangaraju, P; Kumanan, K; Magesh, R; TANUVAS
2000In Vitro Fertility Evaluation of Breeding Bulls by Hamster Oocyte Penetration BioassayKalatharan, J; Thangaraju, P; Kumanan, K; Revathi, S; TANUVAS
1992Influence of Nicotine on Feed Intake and its Relationship with Central Norepinesphrine Levels in RatsJayasundar, S; Thangaraju, P; Samuel, J. Jayasekaran; Ramesh, S; TANUVAS
2000Influence of Packaging Systems on Cryopreservation of Buck SemenKalatharan, J; Thangaraju, P; Kathiresan, D; Narayanan, Major K. Lakshmi; TANUVAS
1983Influence of Season and Stage of Oestrum on the Conception Rate in Crossbred CattleBalachandran, S; Kalatharan, J; Thangaraju, P; Krishnamurthy, U.S.; TANUVAS
1993Karyological Studies in DogsThangaraju, P; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Kanakaraj, P; Jayashree, R; TANUVAS
1992Karyological Studies in RabbitsThangaraju, P; Stephens, A.J. Austin; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Kumarasamy, P; TANUVAS