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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988-06Effect Of Breed And Sex On Certain Quality Characteristics OF Rabbit MeatSreenivas Reddy, M(MAJOR); Ramakrishna Reddy, G; Suresh Reddy, V; Aravind Reddy, M
1996-11Effect Of Different Concentrate : Forage Ratios With Supplemental Methionine And Lysin On Digestibility And Performance In Lactating Cross-Bred CowsKrishna reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Suresh Reddy, V; Eswara reddy, C; Chandra kala, S
1988-06Effect Of Electrical Stimulation On Certain Biochemical And Quality Characteristics Of Mutton CarcassSreenivas Reddy, M(MAJOR); Sudhakar Reddy, K; Suresh Reddy, V; Jayavardhan, M; Venkateswara reddy, P
1986-10Effect Of Plane Of Nutrition Utilization,Growth Rate And Carcass Characteristics Of RabbitsVeera Raghavan, G(MAJOR); Mohan rao, A; Nageswara rao, G; Suresh Reddy, V
1993-05Studies On Certain Biochemical Constituent Of Blood In Cycling And True Anoestrus Buffaloes In Fluorosis Endemic Areas Of Nalgonda District,A.P,IndiaSudhir Chandra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Suresh Reddy, V; Sharma, G.P; Yadagiri, B; Venkateswarulu, M
1989-08Studies On Certain Biochemical Constituents Of Blood In Cycling And True Anoestrus BuffaloesSudhir chandra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Suresh Reddy, V; Seshagiri Rao, A; Narasa Reddy, G.V; Naga Raju, N
1990-10Studies On The Effect Of Level Of Energy Intake On Growth Rate, Availability Of Nutrients In Nellore LambsVeera Raghavan, G(MAJOR); Eshwara Reddy, C; Suresh Reddy, V; Mohana Rao, A; Srinivas, Panthagani