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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Chloroplast as an indicator for identification of polyploidy in abelmoschusSuresh Babu, K V; Dutta, O P; KAU
1996Chromosome number of a semi-wild form of okraReena Susan Chacko; Suresh Babu, K V; Rajan, S; KAU
1994Chromosome polymorphism in okraSuresh Babu, K V; Dutta, O P; KAU
1990Cytogenetic studies of the F1 hybrid Abelmoschus esculentus X A, tetraphyllus and its amphidiploidSuresh Babu, K V; Dutta, O P; KAU
2015Evaluation and molecular characterization of advanced generation distant hybridization selections of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Monech)Suresh Babu, K V; Arunkumar, B; KAU
1999Evaluation of diploids and polyploids of ivy gourd (Cocinia grandis [L.] Voight)Suresh Babu, K V; Shinu, Joseph; KAU
1994Evaluation of F1 hybrids of okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus [L.] Moench)Suresh Babu, K V; Prasanna, K P; Rajan, S; KAU
2012Evaluation of promising distant hybridization derivatives of okra (A.esculentus(L.) Moench)Suresh Babu, K V; Yamuna, Mogili; KAU
1992Field testing of leucaena germplasm for their relative susceptibility to infestation by the PsyllidsSuresh Babu, K V; Mohankumar, B; Thomas Mathew; KAU
1996Floral biology of annual drumstickSuresh Babu, K V; Rajan, S; KAU
1996Genetic improvement and cytogenetical studies in thamaravenda [Abelmoschus manihot (L.)]Suresh Babu, K V; Reena Susan, Chacko; KAU
1999Genetic variability in Abelmoschus Caillei L.Reena Susan Chacko; Suresh Babu, K V; Rajan, S; Krishnan, S; KAU
1992Histochemical studies on micro and megasporogenesis in the interspecific F1 hybrid of Abelmoschus Esculentus x A. TetraphyllusSuresh Babu, K V; Dutta, O P; KAU
2005Introgression of yellow vein mosaic virus resistance from Abelmoschus caillei (A.Cher) steveis into A. escuientus (L.) Moench.Suresh Babu, K V; Kousalya, V; KAU