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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11Haematic Mummification in a Crossbred HF Cow - A Case ReportSelvaraj, R.; Suganya, S.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; Senthil, R.; TANUVAS
2018-01Incidence of Feather Follicular Cysts in a Pigeon (Columba Livia)Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; Gnanaraj, P. Tensingh; Bharathi, R.; Pothiappan, P.; Nishanth, B.; TANUVAS
2018-01Influence of high protein level along with mineral mixture and baking soda supplementation on growth performance and carcass quality in Tellicherry kidsMuthuramalingam, T.; Jemimah, E. Rachel; Gnanaraj, P. Tensingh; Pothiappan, P; Devi, T.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; TANUVAS
2014-12An Observation on Processing of Rabbit Meat by MarinationPremalatha, N.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; Chandrahasan, C.
2018Physical and organoleptic characteristics of ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggsSundaram, A. Shanmuga; Pandian, C.; Rajkumar, K.; Sundaresan, A.; Gnanaraj, P. Tensingh; TANUVAS
2016-02A Preliminary Study on Aloe Blend Fruit Mix Diet JamSundaram, A. Shanmuga; Premalatha, N.; Thyagarajan, D.
2016-02Preparation of Nutritious Aloe Blend Fruit JellyPremalatha, N.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; Thyagarajan, D.
2012Prevalence of Pathogens in In-situ and Ex-situ Migratory and Resident BirdsJayathangaraj, M.G.; Gomathinayagam, S.; Thangavelu, A.; Sundaram, A. Shanmuga; TANUVAS
2018-06Subcutaneous emphysema in a domesticated fantail pigeon caused by Columbicola columbae infestation: A case reportSundaram, A. Shanmuga; Rajkumar, K.; Arunkumar, S.; Gnanaraj, P. Tensingh; TANUVAS