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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-10Cost And Returns Of Milk Production Of Cross-Bred Cattle In Chittoor DistrictNarasaiah Naidu, K(MAJOR); Sharma, K.S; Subramanyam reddy, K; Narasimha rao, Karnati
1995-01A Critical Study On Green Fodder Cultivation By Dairy Farmers In Chittoor District OF AndhrapradeshVeera Raghava Reddy, M(MAJOR); Lakshmi reddy, B; Subramanyam reddy, K; Srinivasa rao, Kotnani
1993-09Estimation Of Residual Thiocyanate In Milk Preserved By Lactoperoxidase SystemShive Kumar, (MAJOR); Ranganadham, M; Sarma, K.S; Subramanyam reddy, K; Mallesh gowd, P
1997-01Freeze drying of PaneerShive Kumar, (MAJOR); Rama Kota reddy, C; Subramanyam reddy, K; Kondal reddy, K; Anil Kumar, Macha
1998-09Impact Of Internship Training Programme (ISTP) On B.V.SC., & A.H StudentsVeeraraghava reddy, K(MAJOR); Sudhakar rao, B; Sudhakar reddy, P; Subramanyam reddy, K; Sasidhar, P.V.K
1996-12Influence Of Raw Milk Quality And Processing Temperature On Shelf Life Of UHT MilkRamakota reddy, C(MAJOR); Kondal reddy, K; Murthy, P..R.S; Subramanyam reddy, K; Dharma rao, Yerrabelli
1992-10Preservation Of Raw Cow Milk On Farm By Lactoperoxidase/Thiocyanate SystemRADHA RAMAKRISHNA REDDY, R(MAJOR); Ranganadham; Jairam, B.T; Subramanyam reddy, K; Nageswara rao, B
1995-04Studies On Production And Quality Of Fruit YoghurtRao, B.V.R(MAJOR); Shive Kumar; Narasaiah Naidu, K; Subramanyam reddy, K; Venkatramaiah, K
1992-09Studies On The Body Growth Of Ongole CalvesSankar reddy, I(MAJOR); Narasaiah naidu, K; Kotilinga Reddy, Y; Subramanyam reddy, K; Amarendra kumar, R
1995-07Studies On The Quality Of Milk Marketed In Tirupati TownRanganadham, M(MAJOR); Narasaiah Naidu, K; Sarma, K.S; Subramanyam reddy, K; Gollamoori, Gangaraju
1995-09Studies on Trypanosoma Theileri Laveran,1902 With Reference To Incidence,Morphology,Host Spectrum and TreatmentSatyanarayanacharyulu, N(MAJOR); Hafeez; Subramanyam reddy, K; Ramana rao, Narra
1997-10A Study On The Entreprenurial Behaviour Of Rural Dairy Women In Chittoor District Of Andhra PradeshVeera raghava reddy, K(MAJOR); Sudhakar rao, B; Sreenivasa murthy, P.R.S; Subramanyam reddy, K; Subrahmanyeswari, B
1995-01A Study On The Management attributes Of Diary Farmers In Relation To Farming Performance In Chittoor District Of AndhraPradeshLakshmi reddy, B(MAJOR); Srinivasulu reddy, M; Subramanyam reddy, K; Srinivasa reddy, Mallampati
1996-11A Study On The Management Attributes Of Sheep Farmers In Relation To Farming Sheep Farmers In Relation To Farming Performance In Anantapur District Of Andhra PradeshSudhakar rao, B(MAJOR); Veera raghava reddy, K; Ramprasad, J; Subramanyam reddy, K; Hari Lal, R