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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Assessing The Production Potential Of Dairy Farming And Constraints In Milk Production In TamilnaduSelvakumar, K.N.; Thirunavukkarasu, M; Meganathan, N; Subramanian, A; Pandian, A. Serma Saravana; TANUVAS
2008Development Of An ‘IT’ Enabled Need Based Dairy Advisory SystemSudeepkumar, N.K.; Mathialagan, P; Thirunavukkarasu, M; Subramanian, A; Nisha, P.R.; TANUVAS
2005Effect Of Donor Cell Type On The In Vitro Development Of Buffalo Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer EmbryosVeerapandian, C; Ramadass, P; Subramanian, A; Balasubramanian, S; Simon, Liz; TANUVAS
1999Effect of Estradiol Benzoate and PMSG on Estrous Response and Fertility in CIDR Treated Postpartum Anestrous BovinesVeerapandian, C; Subramanian, A; Thilagar, S; Gnanasubramanian, T; TANUVAS
2001Effect of Housing on the Incidence of Different Types of Bovine MastitisMuralidharan, M.R.; Arunachalam, S; Subramanian, A; Thennarasu, A; TANUVAS
1998Effect of Prostaglandin F2 Alpha Treatment on Open Type Pyometra in CaninesSubramanian, A; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Nambi, A.P.; Mohan, P; TANUVAS
2001Effect of Prostaglandin Inhibitor Flunixin Meglumine on the Conception Rate During Embryo Transfer in Crossbred CowsSubramanian, A; Kathiresan, D; Palanisamy, A; David, A.C.; TANUVAS
2009Effect Of Synchronization Of Follicular Wave Emeregence On Superovulation And Embryo Yield In Crossbred CowsSubramanian, A; Satheshkumar, S; TANUVAS
1993Effect of Vaccination of Testicular Function in Murrah BullsSubramanian, A; Rajasekaran, J; Ramadass, P; Murugavel, K; TANUVAS
2011-04Foot and mouth disease outbreak in an organized farmBharathidhasan, A; Gopu, P; Narayanan, Rita; Subramanian, A; TANUVAS
2015Genetic characterisation of Tiruchy Black sheep of Tamil Nadu using microsatellite markersKavitha, ST; Subramanian, A; Sivaselvam, SN, et al.; TANUVAS
2018-07Genetic Evaluation of Production Performance of Jersey x Red Sindhi Crossbred CowsVinothraj, S; Subramanian, A; Venkataramanan, R; Joseph, Cecilia; Sivaselvam, SN; TANUVAS
1995Induction of Estrus with Different Doses and Route of Administration of Prostaglandin F2α in Crossbred CowsSubramanian, A; Rajasekaran, J; Vijayaragavan, C; Krishnakumar, K; TANUVAS
1997Influence of Exogenous Oxytocin on Oestrous Cycle and Conception in Crossbred Dairy CowsRajasekaran, J; Subramanian, A; Sundararaj, A; Ayyasamy, G.S.; TANUVAS
1997Influence of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone on Estrus Synchronization and Fertility in Crossbred Dairy CowsSubramanian, A; Rajasekaran, J; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Sathiamoorthy, T; TANUVAS
2016-01Lifetime Production Performance of Jersey x Red Sindhi Crossbred CowsVinothraj, S; Subramanian, A; Venkataramanan, R; Joseph, Cecilia; Sivaselvam, SN; TANUVAS
2010Luteolytic Effect of Prostaglandin F2 α At Different Doses in Cyclic Crossbred CowsAsokan, S.A.; Subramanian, A; Subramanian, A; Umeshboopalan, G; TANUVAS
-Management of Nitrate Toxicity of CattleBharathidhasan, A; Narayanan, Rita; Gopu, P; Subramanian, A; Prabakaran, R; TANUVAS
2010Molecular Characterisation of Tiruchy Black SheepSubramanian, A; Thiagarajan, R; Balasubramanian, S; Kavitha, S.T.; TANUVAS