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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988-07Calcium Appetite In LayersRamasubba Reddy, V(MAJOR); Satyanarayana Reddy, P.V.V; Sudhakar Reddy, P; Subba Reddy, K.V; Sudhakar, M.S
1993-08Effect Of Transport Of Pigs On The yield And Quality Of Pork And Pork productsDamodar, N(MAJOR); Masthan Reddy, P; Subba Reddy, K.V; Chitti babu, S
1992-09Efficacy Of Activated Charcoal In Ameliorating Harmful Effects Of Aflatoxicosis In Broiler ChickenRama rao, P(MAJOR); Subba rao, M.V; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Subba Reddy, K.V; Anjaneyulu, Yarlagadda
1988-08Immunochemical Detection Of Mutton Beef And Buffalo Beef With Antisera To Species LiverMasthan Reddy, P(MAJOR); Sreeramulu Reddy, K; Subba Reddy, K.V; Srinivas, S
1989-03In Vitro, In Vivo Evaluation Of Urea Treated NB-21 WasteSeshi reddy, A(MAJOR); Subba Reddy, K.V; Krishna, N; Muralidhar, Ravipalli
1987-12Isolectric focusing As A Method For Species Differentiation Of Raw And Cooked meatVaradharajulu, P(MAJOR); Sreeramulu Reddy, K; Krishna, N; Subba Reddy, K.V; Abraham, J
1986-06Studies On The Nutritive Value Of Sesbania Grandiflora Leaves And The Effect Of Replacing Groundnut Cake Nitrogen By Varying Levels Of Leaf Meal In SheepAnjaneya Prasad, D(MAJOR); Prabhakara rao, Z; Subba Reddy, K.V; Bala Peeriah, Kopparapu
1989-09A Study On The Effect Of Garbage Feeding On pork QualityVaradharajulu, P(MAJOR); Subba Reddy, K.V; Audeyya, P; Janardhana Pillai, K; Hemantha kumar, V
1988-11Utilization Of Red Gram Straw, Groundnut Haulms or Banyan Tree Leaves Based Complete Rations By Growing LambsParthasarathy, M(MAJOR); Krishna, N; Subba Reddy, K.V; Narayana Swamy, Pujari