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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-08Comparative Evaluation Of Cystoplasty Techniques In CaninesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Venkateswara rao, N; Venkatamuni Chetty, A; Sreeraman, P.K; Krishna Kishore, G
1992-08Comparitive Studies On The Post-Natal Development Of Epididymis In Indigenous And Crossbred Pigs With Particular Reference To Biometry,Histomorphometry And HistochemistryRamchandraiah, S.V(MAJOR); Venkatamuni Chetty, A; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Sreeraman, P.K; Veera Bramhaiah, K
1994-02Detection Of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1)Antibodies In Bovines By Rapid Immunodiagnostic TechniquesSuribabu, T(MAJOR); Subbarao, M.V.; Panduranga rao, V; Sreeraman, P.K; Vasi Reddy, K
1992-07Efficacy Of Bentonite In Ameliorating The Harmful Effects Of Alatoxin In Broiler ChickenGopal Naidu, N.R(MAJOR); Rama rao, P; Sreeraman, P.K; Subba rao, M.V; Mohanamba, T
1993-02Evaluation Of Bone Induction Properties Of Demineralised Bone In CaninesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Lakshmipathi, G.V; Sreeraman, P.K; Venugopala Naidu, K; Jayaraju, V
1992-08Haematological And Certain Biochemical Studies In Jersy Crossbred Cattle During Different Reproductive Conditions/DisordersVenkatamuni Chetty, A(MAJOR); Ramachandraiah, S.V; Lakshmipathi, G.V; Sreeraman, P.K; Suryanarayana murthy, S
1997-08Molecular Characterization Of Indigenous Isolates Of Infectious Bursal Disease VirusSubba rao, M.V(MAJOR); Suribabu, T; Sreeraman, P.K; Ravi Kumar, P
1995-11Monitoring Of Antibody Response To Experimental Egg Drop Syndrome-1976 (EDS-76) VaccineSubba rao, M.V(MAJOR); Venkata reddy, T; Sreeraman, P.K; Vanisree, K
1989-12Pathology Of Cobra Envenomation An Experimental StudyGopal Naidu, N.R(MAJOR); Rama rao, P; Sreeraman, P.K; Seshagiri rao, A; Annapurna, P
1991-11Studies On Acetabular Fractures In DogsRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Chouduri, P.C; Sundara rao, K.V; Sreeraman, P.K; Subba reddy, K.V; Venkateswara rao, Nellutla
1991-06Studies On Certain Reproductive Characteristics In The Indigenous Pigs (Sus Domesticus)Ramachandraiah, S.V(MAJOR); Venkatamuni chetty, A; Rama Krishna, O; Sreeraman, P.K; Solmon Raju
1994-10Studies On The Efficiency Of Demineralized Bone Matrix Combinations In Femoral Fracture Repair In CaninesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); LakshmiPathi, G.V.; Venugopal Naidu, K; Sreeraman, P.K; Venkata Suresh Kumar, Rayadurgam
1995-08Studies On The Use Of Autogenous Cancellous Bone,Fibrillar Collagen-Hydroxyapatite And Porous Hydroxyapatite Alone For Grafting Segmental Defects In dogsLakshmipathi, G.V(MAJOR); Ramakrishna, O; Subramanyam Naidu, K; Sreeraman, P.K; Madhava rao, Takkallapelly