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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Etio-pathology and differential diagnosis of low pathpgenic avian influenza in poultrySingh, S. D.; Gowthaman, V.
2003Genetic Diversity And Species Specific Dna Markers Of Asian Sea Bass (Lates Calcarifer) In IndiaSingh, S. D.; Behera, Bijay Kumar
2002Investigation On Pathogenic Potential And Management Of Micro-Organisms Associated With FennelSingh, S. D.; Rawal, Pokhar
2005Microsatellite Analysis Of The Population Structures Of Asian Sea Bass ( Lates Calcarifer) From IndiaSingh, S. D.; Prasad, Harendra
2007Molecular characterization and development of a DNA vaccine against egg drop syndrome - 76 virusSingh, S. D.; Gupta, Santosh Kumar
2009Molecular characterization of Indian isolates of IBD virus and expression of VP2 gene using recombinant DNA technologySingh, S. D.; Punnoose, P.
2011Pathology and molecular diagnosis of infectious coryza (IC) in poultrySingh, S. D.; Anjaneya
2004Rapid Detection Of Salmonella Contamination In Fish And Fishery Products Using Molecular TechniquesSingh, S. D.; Sahu, Brundabana
2003Seed Mycoflora of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) and its ManagementSingh, S. D.; Samota, R. K.
2005Seed Mycoflora of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) and their ManagementSingh, S. D.; Singh, Sandeep
2013Studies on characterization and pathogenicity of Indian peafowl origin newcastle disease virus isolatesSingh, S. D.; Desingu, P. A.
1988Studies On N Economy And Production Of Wheat Through Kharif Legumes Under Irrigated ConditionsAhlawat, I. P. S.; Singh, S. D.
1974Studies On The Downy Mildew Disease (Sclerospora Graminicola (Sacc) Schroet) Of Bajra (Pennisetum Typhoides (Brum F) Stapf And C E Hubb)Sundaram, N. V.; Singh, S. D.