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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1964Comparative study of methods available for evaluation of energy value of feedsSindu, G. S; Kananurak, Yarn
1966Comparative study of relationship of reactions in the rumen with urea in blood of zebu cattle and the buffaloSindu, G. S; Singh, Sudarshan
1965Comparative Study of the factors affecting the voluntary intake and rate of passage of different combinations of some feeds and fodders available in Punjab in Buffalo and CattleSindu, G. S; Sukhija, Pritam Singh
1966In Vitro Studies on the celluloytic activity and production of volatile fatty acids by the inoculum obtained from the romen of Zebu Cattle and Murrah BuffaloSindu, G. S; Lal, Madan
1962Investigation into the evaluation of Important Poultry Feeds for Their Nutritive Value and Essential Amino AcidsSindu, G. S; Singh, Mukhtir
1964The Pattern of volatile fatty acids production during the digestion of common indian feeds in cattle and BuffaloSindu, G. S; Verma, Manohar Lal
1965Research on the processing of guar meal and castor oil cake for use as livestock feedSindu, G. S; Kawatra, Bansi Lal
1964Studies on comparison of in vivo and in vitro techniques for the determination of the nutritive value index of some common indian cattle feedsSindu, G. S; Singh, Naranjan
1965Studies on the evaluation of some of the poultry feeds available in India for their protein qualitySindu, G. S; Kumar, Sushil
1966Study of Cellulolytic Activity and Production of Voltile Fatty Acids (VFA) In Vivo in The Rumen of Zebu Cattle & The BuffaloSindu, G. S; Singh, Kashmira