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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-11An Abattoir Survey On The Female Reproductive Tract Of GoatsSudhir Chandra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Muralidhar reddy, J; Chandra shekar Reddy, K
1998-06Assessment Of Different procedures For In Vitro Maturation Of Sheep OocytesSubramanyam Naidu, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Rao, V.H; Veerabramaiah, K; Sambasiva rao, B
1990-07Certain Biochemical parameters In the Ewe Amniotic Fluid During Different Phases Of GestationSudhir Chandra reddy, V(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Narasa reddy, G.V; Janardhan reddy, T; Parameshwer reddy, A
1999-04Comparative Efficacy Of Partially Purified Epsilon Toxoid Vaccine And Whole Cell Toxoid Enterotoxaemia Vaccine In Guinea PigsJanakirama sarma, B(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Rafeeq Ahmed, S; Ranjeet Kumar, T
1996-08Effect Of Different Milk Concentrations And Stabilizers On The Production And Quality Of KulfiRamakota reddy, C(MAJOR); Krishnaiah, N; Seshagiri rao, A; Satyanarayana, A; Ravi Kanth, N
1996-09Effect Of Stresroak And Zinc Sulphate As Immunomodulators In Experimentally Immunosupressed ChickensDhanalakshmi, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Somasekhar reddy, K; Padmavathi, P; Vijaya Bhasker reddy, B
1999-09Efficacy Of Salmonella Gallinarum Oil Adjuvant Vaccine Prepared With Indigenous IsolateDhanalakshmi, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Padmavathi, P; Sujatha, Koya
1996-10Immunogenicity Of Whole Cell Vaccine And Multicomponent Protein Vaccine Against Escherichia Coli in ChickenRajasekhar, Gaddam; Janakirama sarma, B; Seshagiri rao, A; Vikram reddy, M
1989-12Pathology Of Cobra Envenomation An Experimental StudyGopal Naidu, N.R(MAJOR); Rama rao, P; Sreeraman, P.K; Seshagiri rao, A; Annapurna, P
1993-09Preservation Of Raw Milk Through Activation Of Lactoperoxidase System By Hydrogen Peroxide And ThiocyanateRamakota Reddy, C(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Seshagiri rao, A; Janardhan reddy, T; Unni Krishnan, R
1999-04Process Innovations For The Manufacture Of Milk CakeRama Kota reddy, C(MAJOR); Laxminarayana, M; Seshagiri rao, A; Janakirama sarma, B; Madhava rao, T
1998-12Role Of Immuno-Modulators/Adjuvants In Immunity Against Antigens Of P.Multocida P52 in MiceSatyanarayana Chetty, M(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Somasekhar reddy, K; Sunitha, Gollamudi
1992-09Studies on Certain Blood Constituents Of Nondescript Rural Buffaloes During Normal Cyclic And Postpartum Anoestrus PeriodsSudhir Chandra reddy, V(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Eswara Reddy, C; Narasa reddy, G.V; Umesh, K.R
1997-10Studies On Cervical Tracheal Reconstruction using Glutaraldehyde And Chromic Sulphate Cross Linked Allogenic Tracheal Grafts In DogsVenkateswara rao, N(MAJOR); Venkateswara rao, K; Seshagiri rao, A; Devi Prasad, Vaddadi
1998-12Studies On Coccidiosis In Broiler ChickenPadmavathi, P(MAJOR); Rafiq Ahmed, S; Seshagiri rao, A; Noah, G
1992-08Studies On Immuno-Pathological Changes In Aflatoxicosis In Broiler ChickenMohiuddin, S.M(MAJOR); Vikram reddy, M; Seshagiri rao, A; Vilayath Ali Haqqani, Mohommed
1992-09Studies On Intramammary Infection In Bovines With Particular Reference To coliform Bacteria And Its TheraphyRam rao, (MAJOR); Gaffar, A.A; Seshagiri rao, A; Ramesh Babu, Y
1987-06Studies On Mastitis In bovine with Particular Reference To In Vitro Drug Sensitivity and Prevention By Levamisole Treatment And Dry cow TheraphyChowdary, P.C(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Panduranga rao, V; Karunanidhi, P.S; Ram rao
1990-03Studies on The Efficiency Of Certain Anthelmintics In Canine AncylostomiasisAlaha Singari, N(MAJOR); Choudhury, P.C; Satyanarayanacharyulu, N; Seshagiri rao, A; Ratnasree, Paruchuri
1994-10Studies On The Haematological,Biochemical And Pathological Changes OF Cirtinin Toxicity In Broiler ChicksVikaram Reddy, N(MAJOR); Ahmed, S.R; Seshagiri rao, A; Uma, Muthavarapu