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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Agri BioinformaticsKumar, Anand P.; Chandrasekharan, H.; Sapra, R. L.; Pathak, Himanshu; Sarangi, A.
2008AgribioinformaticsKumar, Anand P.; Chandrasekharan, H.; Sapra, R. L.; Pathak, Himanshu; Sarangi, A.
2012AgribioinformaticsKumar, Anand P.; Chandrasekharan, H.; Pandey, P. S.; Gutam, Sridhar; Sarangi, A.; Devakumar, C.
2010Anthropogenic impacts on the sediment flux in two alpine watersheds of the Lesser HimalayasSingh, Omvir; Singh, Pratap; Sarangi, A.; Sharma, Milap C.; Kumar, Sanjeev
2005Bio-Drainage: An alternate drainage technique to control waterlogging and salinityDash, Ch. Jyotiprava; Sarangi, A.; Singh, A. K.; Dahiya, Sashi
2010Comparative evaluation of phosphorus losses from subsurface and naturally drained agricultural fields in the Pike River watershed of Quebec, CanadaEastman, M.; Gollamudi, A.; Stampli, N.; Madramootoo, C. A.; Sarangi, A.
2005Development of ArcGIS® Based Information System on Ground Water RechargeSarangi, A.; Singh, D. K.; Mali, S.; Singh, A. K.
2006Effect of land management on runoff and soil losses from two small watersheds in St LuciaCox, C. A.; Sarangi, A.; Madramootoo, C. A.
2006Evaluation of curve number and geomorphology-based models for surface runoff prediction from ungauged watershedsSarangi, A.; Singh, D. K.; Singh, A. K.
2008Evaluation of modified CN methods for watershed runoff estimation using a GIS-based interfacePatil, J. P.; Sarangi, A.; Singh, A. K.; Ahmed, T.
2008Hypsometric analysis of the lesser Himalayan watersheds using geographical information systemSingh, Omvir; Sarangi, A.
2008Hypsometric Integral Estimation Methods and its Relevance on Erosion Status of North-Western Lesser Himalayan WatershedsSingh, Omvir; Sarangi, A.; Sharma, Milap C.
1998Modelling For Sediment Yield Prediction From Small WatershedBhattacharya, A. K.; Sarangi, A.
2012Performance evaluation of ANN and geomorphology-based models for runoff and sediment yield prediction for a Canadian watershedSarangi, A.; Madramootoo, C. A.; Enright, P.; Prasher, S. O.; Patel, R. M.
2005Predictionof spatial variability of phosphorous over the St-Esprit watershedSarangi, A.; Madramootoo, C. A.; Enright, P.; Chandrasekharan, H
2007Spatial modelling of soil salinity and waterlogging for subsurface drainage impact assessmentSarangi, A.; Arvind Kumar
2010Spatial Variability of Groundwater Depth and Quality Parameters in the National Capital Territory of DelhiDash, J. P.; Sarangi, A.; Singh, D. K.
2006Subsurface drainage performance study using SALTMOD and ANN modelsSarangi, A.; Singh, Man; Bhattacharya, A. K.; Singh, A. K.
2001Temporal variability of phosphorus flux from Pike River watershed to the Missisquoi Bay of QuebecAdhikari, B. K.; Madramootoo, C. A.; Sarangi, A.
2008Variability of soil–water quality due to Tsunami-2004 in the coastal belt of Nagapattinam district, TamilnaduChandrasekharan, H.; Sarangi, A.; Nagarajan, M.; Singh, V. P.; Rao, D. U. M.; Stalin, P.; Natarajan, K.; Chandrasekaran, B.; Anbazhagan, S.