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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Activity of antioxidant enzymes in leaves and bracts of sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.)Singh D.V.; Sairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.
2002Changes in antioxidant activity in sub-cellular fractions of tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypes in response to long term salt stressSairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.
2005Changes in antioxidant enzymes activity and oxidative stress by abscisic acid and salicylic acid in wheat genotypesAgarwal, S.; Sairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.; Meena, R. C.
2000Chemical Manipulation of Reproductive Efficiency of Chickpea (Cicer arietinnum L.) by Triadimefon in Relation to Changes in EthyleneSaxena, D. C.; Abbas, S.; Sairam, R. K.
2001Comparison of hexaploid and tetraploid wheat cultivars in their responses to water stressSairam, R. K.; Chandrasekhar, V.; Srivastava, G. C.
2005Differences in antioxidant activity in response to salinity stress in tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypesSairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.; Agarwal, S.; Meena, R. C.
2007Effect of 5-sulfosalicylic acid on antioxidant activity in relation to vase life of Gladiolus cut flowersEzhilmathi, K.; Singh, V. P.; Arora, A.; Sairam, R. K.
2012Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) plantsJain, Vanita; Saxena, D. C.; Pandey, Renu; Sairam, R. K.
2007Effect of ethrel on reproductive efficiency in ChickpeaSaxena, D. C.; Sabra, Abbas; Sairam, R. K.
1994Effect of Homobrassinolide Application on Metabolic Activity and Grain Yield of Wheat under Normal and Water-Stress ConditionSairam, R. K.
1994Effects of homobrassinolide application on plant metabolism and grain yield under irrigated and moisture-stress conditions of two wheat varietiesSairam, R. K.
2007Germination behaviour and physiological response of rice to paper mill effluent applicationPaul, Madhumita; Joshi, H. C.; Sairam, R. K.
1975Glutamic Acid Dehydrogenase Activity in Linseed as Influenced by Plant Age and PhotoperiodSairam, R. K.; Sirohi, G. S.; Srivastava, G. C.
2012High temperature stress tolerance in wheat genotypes: Role of antioxidant defence enzymesAlmeselmani, M.; Deshmukh, P. S.; Sairam, R. K.
2000Increased antioxidant activity under elevated temperatures: a mechanism of heat stress tolerance in wheat genotypesSairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.; Saxena, D. C.
2000Induction of oxidative stress and antioxidant activity by hydrogen peroxide treatment in tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypesSairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.
2008Mango explant browning: Effect of ontogenic age, mycorrhization and pre-treatmentsKrishna, Hare; Sairam, R. K.; Singh, S. K.; Patel, V. B.; Sharma, R. R.; Grover, Minakshi; Nain, Lata; Sachdev, A.
2010Osmolytes and metal ions accumulation, oxidative stress and antioxidant enzymes activity as determinants of salinity stress tolerance in maize genotypesKholova, Jana; Sairam, R. K.; Meena, R. C.
2001Oxidative stress and antioxidant activity as the basis of senescence in maize leavesProchazkova, Dagmar; Sairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.; Singh D.V.
2000Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Wheat Genotypes] Possible Mechanism of Water Stress ToleranceSairam, R. K.; Saxena, D. C.