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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Absorption and translocation of streptomycin by tomato plants and its effect on the microbial population in the rhizosphereRema Devi, L; Sam Raj, J; KAU
1975Alternaria blight of canna indica L.Rema Devi, L; Ramanatha Menon, M; Ramakrishnan, C K; KAU
1993Chemical control of stack burn disease of riceGirija, D; Vasavan, M G; Rema Devi, L; Sheela Paul, T; Santhakumari, P; KAU
1973Control of phytophthora disease of cardamomMenon, M R; Sajoo, B V; Ramakrishnan, G K; Rema Devi, L; KAU
1975Different tuber/rhizome as substitute for potato in the fungal culture mediumRamakrishnan, C K; Rema Devi, L; Ramanatha Menon, M; KAU
1970Effect of fungicidal pre-storage treatments on viability of paddy seedsRema Devi, L; Ramanatha Menon, M; KAU
1992Etiology and management of powdery mildew disease of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Poir)Rema Devi, L; Veena, S S
1976On the effect of application of some pesticides on grain setting in riceVisalakshi, A; Rema Devi, L; Nair, M R G K; KAU
1970Propylene oxide vapour as a plant tissue sterilant for bioassay of antibioticsRema Devi, L; Sam Raj, J; KAU
1966Rhizosphere Microflora of Tomato as Influenced by the Age of the PlantRema Devi, L; Sam Raj, J; KAU
1980Suitability of different media for the estimation of Pseudomonas Solanacearum from soilRema Devi, L; Ramanatha Menon, M; KAU
1980Transmission of Pseudomonas Solanacearum through tomato seedsRema Devi, L; Menon, M R; KAU
1974Viability of sclerotia of Corticium sasakii (Shirai) matsumotoMahendra Prabhat, C A; Ramanatha Menon, M; Rema Devi, L; Ramakrishnan, C K; KAU