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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-08Effect Of Early Restriction Of Protein And Energy On The Preformance Of BroilersSatyanarayana reddy, P.V.V(MAJOR); Ravindra reddy, V; Subba reddy, K.V; venkata rama Rao, Savaram
1989-12Effect Of Floor Regimens On Rearing Replacement Stock On Their Subsequent performance In CagesRao, P.V(MAJOR); Ravindra reddy, V; Reddy, R.R; Nageswara rao, G; Vivek, R.M
1995-08Influence Of Fibre On The Metabolizability Of Energy Of Sunflower Meal And On Performance Of BroilersRamasubba reddy, V(MAJOR); Ravindra reddy, V; Rajashekar reddy, A; Venkata suresh, B
1998-05Influence Of Virginiamycin With Varying Levels Of Energy And Protein On Broiler PerformanceRajasekhar reddy, A(MAJOR); Rama subba reddy, V; Ravindra reddy, V; Satyanarayana chetty, M; Krishna kumar, K
1997-11Studies On Response To Mass Selection In Three Meat Type Quail LinesMahipal reddy, P(MAJOR); Ravindra reddy, V; Eswara reddy, C; Satyanarayana, A; Sreenivasulu, R
1997-02Studies On Supplementation Of Gliricidia Leaf Meal To Paddy Straw And Urea-Treated Paddy Straw For Feeding To Diary CattleRaj reddy, M(MAJOR); Ravindra reddy, V; Narasimha reddy, D; Krishna reddy, G.V; Srinivasulu, Chigurupati
1996-08Studies On The Nutrient Requirements For Growth And Meat Production Of Deccani SheepPurushotham, N.P(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Ravindra reddy, V; Nageswara rao, G; Reddy, T.J; Swaroopa rani, K
1994-09Studies On The Quality Characteristics Of Meat Pickle-In-Oil (Achar)As a Ready To Eat ProductSree Ramulu reddy, K(MAJOR); Masthan Reddy, P; Ravindra reddy, V; Krishna, N; Ramakrishna reddy, G; Sudhakar reddy, Keshi Reddy