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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Clinico-Pathological Evaluation of Pancreatitis in DogsNambi, A.P.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Vairamuthu, S; Ravi, R; TANUVAS
2011Comparative Evaluation of Different Vegetable Oils in Broiler RationAmutha, R; Edwin, S.C.; Ravi, R; Deepa, S; TANUVAS
1997Effect of Feeding Antibiotic and Probiotic on Broiler PerformanceViswanathan, K; Mohan, B; Ravi, R; Kannan, D; TANUVAS
1997Effects of Various Levels of Available Phosphorus in Relation with Calcium on Egg Production and Egg Shell Quality in Commercial White Leghorn LayersChandrasekaran, D; Ravi, R; Nanjappan, K; Sengathir, S; TANUVAS
2002Evaluation Of Lannea Coromandelica Leaves As A Feed For GoatsRavi, R; Chellapandian, M.; TANUVAS
2009Feeding Eggshell Meal to Chicken LayersViswanathan, K; Edwin, S.C.; Ravi, R; Ravi, S; TANUVAS
2002Feeding Value of Sesame Oil Cake for BroilersMohan, B; Ravi, R; Abraham, Robinson J.J.; Yasothai, R; TANUVAS
1998Lysine and Methionine Supplementation in Isocaloric Low Protein Diets on the Performance of White Leghorn BirdsPurushothaman, M.R.; Ravi, R; Mohan, B; Bandeswaran, C; TANUVAS
2002Nutritional Evaluation Of Mango (Mangifera Indica) Seed Kernel In BroilersRavi, R; Vasantha Kumar, P; TANUVAS
1997Pathology of Escherichia Coli in ChickenRao, G.V. Sudhakar; George, V. Titus; Ravi, R; Srinivasan, P; TANUVAS
1998Performance of Broiler Chicks on Varying Levels of Dietary Protein and EnergyRavi, R; Purushothaman, M.R.; Pandiyan, V; Natrajan, P.M.; TANUVAS
1998A Study on the Occurrence of Ochratoxin a (OA) in Sunflower Oil Cake and its DetoxificationRavi, R; Purushothaman, M.R.; Viswanathan, K; Suganthi, M. Pauline Felicita; TANUVAS
1998A Survey on Managemental Practices and Production Performance of Commercial Layers in NamakkalKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Karunanithi, K; Ravi, R; Pourouchottamane, R; TANUVAS
1998Systems of Broiler Marketing in Palladam Broiler PocketMohan, B; Viswanathan, K; Ravi, R; Saravanan, G; TANUVAS
1997Utilization of Cassava Peel Meal as a Feed for PoultryRavi, R; Purushothaman, M.R.; George, V. Titus; Elanchezhian, N; TANUVAS
2012Utilization of Ghee Residue in Broiler ChickenShamsudeen, P; Mani, K; Ravi, R; TANUVAS; Loganathan, R; TANUVAS
1997Utilization of Soapstock as an Energy Source in Broiler RationChandrasekaran, D; Ravi, R; Viswanathan, K; Murugesan, V; TANUVAS