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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986-07Chaemotherapetuic Efficiency Of Combination Of Sulphoclorpyridazine Sodium And Trimethoprim Against Bacterial Infections In PoultryDhananjaya Reddy, B(MAJOR); Janaki Rama Sarma, B; Rao, P.V; Vikram Reddy, M; Pani Prasad, Kurcheti
1983-08Effect 0f Different Preservation Methods On Certain Physical And Functinal Properties Of Chicken And Duck EggsSrinivas Reddy, M(MAJOR); Rao, P.V; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; SatyaNarayan Reddy, L
1989-03Effect Of Biodegradation On Improved utilization Of Paddy StrawRaj Reddy, M(MAJOR); Veera Raghavan, G; Rao, P.V; Nageswara rao, G; Janaki Rama Sharma, B; SUBHASH CHANDRA
1992-12Processong Pf Low-Cost concentrate Supplements Utilizing Poultry Litter/Poultry Droppings And Their Nutritive Evaluation Among Goats And SheepRaj reddy, M(MAJOR); Reddy, G.V.N; Rao, P.V; Srirama Murthy, K
1986-05Studies On Genetic Architecture Of Certain Economic Traits In Some White Leghorn StrainsJayaramakrishna, V(MAJOR); Rao, P.V; Sarma, P.L.N.; NAGESWAR RAO, G; Mahipal Reddy, P
1983-08Studies on the Effect Of Forcemolting In Layers Past One Year Of Production On Their Subsequent Production And Certain Serum Biochemical CharacteristicsReddy, G.L.N(MAJOR); Reddy, S.J; Nageswara rao, G; Rao, P.V; Yaseen Khan, Mohhamed
1991-10Studies On The Nutritional Efficiency Of Nellore Sheep And Indigenous Goats For Growth And Meat ProductionVeera Raghavan, G(MAJOR); Rao, P.V; Nageswara rao, G; Janardhana reddy, T; Venkata Ramana, Jampala
1984-04A Study on Duck farming In Rural Areas Of Andhra PradeshRavindra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Rao, P.V; Ramasubba Reddy, V; Raj Reddy, M; Rithamber
1983-07Utilization of Rumen Contents In Broiler RationsReddy, C.V(MAJOR); Reddy, G.L.N; Veera Raghavan, G; Rao, P.V; Ravinder Reddy, V