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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of feed samples for aflatoxin B1 contamination by HPTLC - a validated methodRamesh, J.; Sarathchandra, G.; Sureshkumar, V.
2014-12Analysis of Feed Samples for Aflatoxin B1 Contamination by HPTLC - A Validated MethodRamesh, J.; Sarathchandra, Ghadevaru
2010-09Application of HACCP to Mycotoxin ControlSarathchandra, G.; Ramesh, J.; Sureshkumar, V.
2014-12Assessmet of Microbial and Aflatoxin Contamination In Multigrain Flour SamplesRath, Sonali; Sarathchandra, G.; Ramesh, J.; Athmaselvi, K.A.; Manimehali, N.
2010Carcass Characteristics of Turkey Reared under Intensive ManagementRamesh, J.; Gopinathan, A.; Nagarajan, S.; Sivaselvam, S.N.
2013-08Comparative Nutritive Value of Co-3 Green Fodder and its SilageKathirvelan, C.; Ramachandran, M.; Ramesh, J.; Viswanathan, K.
2018-05Cost Effective Inclusion of Nano Selenium in Broiler Feed for their PerformanceJayanthi, K.; Kumanan, K.; Prakash, A.V. Om; Vijayarani, K.; Ramesh, J.; TANUVAS
2010-09Coupling Gas Chromatography to Mass SpectrometrySarathchandra, G.; Ramesh, J.; Sureshkumar, V.
2014-12Determination Of Aflatoxin B1 In Ground Nut & Ground Nut Products Using HPLCSneha, s; Sarathchandra, G.; Ramesh, J.; Preetha
2010Effect of Cocktail Enzyme Supplemented Rations on Performance of Laying HensRamesh, J.; Chandrasekaran, D.; Natarajan, A.
2017-10Effect of Cooking on Cholesterol and Proximate Composition on Breast and Thigh Muscles of Chicken and Quail MeatNandinidevi, T.; Ramani, R.; Babu, R. Narendra; Rao, V. Appa; Ramesh, J.; Abraham, Robinson J.J.; TANUVAS
2013Effect of enrofloxacin on zootechnical performance, behaviour and immunohistopathological response in broiler chickenSureshkumar, V.; Sarathchandra, G.; Ramesh, J.; TANUVAS
2011-11Effect of Enzyme Supplementation on Digesta Viscosity and Mineral Metabolism in LayersRamesh, J.; Chandrasekaran, D.; Natarajan, A.
2000Effect of Enzyme Supplementation on Performance of Laying HensChandrasekaran, D.; Ravi, R.; Pandiyan, V.; Ramesh, J.; TANUVAS
2014-02Effect of Exogenous Cellulase Supplementation in Feed on Turkey Poult PerformanceSanthi, D.; Thyagarajan, D.; Ramesh, J.; TANUVAS
2010-03Effect Of Exogenous Glucanase Supplementation in Feed On Turkey Poult PerformanceThyagarajan, D.; Santhi, D.; Ramesh, J.; TANUVAS
2007-08Effect of Exogenous Xylanase Supplementation in Feed on Poult PerformanceThyagarajan, D.; Ramesh, J.; Santhi, D.; Sundaresan, A.
2011-12Effect of Feeding Jatropha Oil Cake on Digestibility of Nutrients and Growth Performance in Madras Red LambsKathirvelan, C.; Ramesh, J.; Sureshkumar, K.; Viswanathan, K.
2010Effect of Glucanase on Graded Replacement of Soyabean Oil Meal with Groundnut Oil Cake in Feed on Turkey Poult PerformanceRamesh, J.; Thyagarajan, D.; Murugan, M.; Sundaresan, A.