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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-04Effect Of Supplementation Of Various Protein Meals At Catalytic Level On Utilization Of Rice Straw-Poultry droppings Based Diets In BuffaloesVenka Reddy, D(MAJOR); Ramachandra reddy, R; Krishna, N; Prakash, P
1992-09Effect Of Supplementing Common Tree Leaves To NB-21 Based Rations In SheepParthasarathy, M(MAJOR); Krishna, N; Ramachandra reddy, R; Veereswara rao, Balla
1991-05Evaluation Of Important Protein Supplements Based On Rumen Degradable Protein (RDP) In Crossbred CattleKrishna, N(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Ramachandra reddy, R; Sudhakara rao, Manukonda
1992-02Evaluation Of Urea Treated Paddy Straw In Crossbred SteersKrishna, N(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Ramachandra reddy, R; Venkata ramanaiah, D
1995-08Nutritional Evaluation Of Co-1 Grass And The Effect Of Protein Supplementation On The Performance Of Nellore SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); RamaPrasad, J; Ramachandra reddy, R; Venkata Vara Prasad, Damerla
1996-10Studies on The Effect Of Different Feeding Systems On Yield And Composition Of milk,Nutrient Digestibility And Growth Performance Of Punganur CattleRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Ramachandra reddy, R; Suresh, J; Venkata ramana, K
1989-09Studies On The Effect Of Physical Factors on The Utilization Of Nutrients Of Nutrients of maize straw among sheep and goatsRaj reddy, M(MAJOR); Narasa reddy, G.V; Ramachandra reddy, R; Janardhan reddy, T; Govindaiah, Tulasi
1996-10Studies On The Effect Of Replacing Maize With Babul Pods (Acacia Arabica) In Complete Rations On Nutrient Digestibility,Feed Efficiency And Growth Rate Of Nellore Brown SheepPrabhakar rao, Z(MAJOR); Rama Prasad, J; Ramachandra reddy, R; Madhavi Latha, Dega
1995-08Studies On Utilization Of Ragi (Eleusine Coracana) in Broiler DietsSatyanarayana reddy, P.V.V(MAJOR); Venkataramaiah, A; Ramachandra reddy, R; Venkateswara rao, M
1987-03Utilization Of Bajra (Dennisetum Typhoides) For Egg Production In ChickenRama Subba Reddy, V(MAJOR); Satyanarayana reddy, P.V.V; Ramachandra reddy, R; Meenakshi bai, M; Mohan Ravi Kumar, A
1990-11Utilization Of Fresh And Dried Subabul (Leucaena Leucocephala) Forage In The Complete Diets Of Crossbred CalvesSubba reddy, K.V(MAJOR); Ramachandra reddy, R; Parthasarathy, M; Srinivasulu, Chigurupati