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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984-02Effect Of Different Planes Of Nutrition Supplied Through Different Roughage To Concentrate Ratios On Growth And Mutton Production In Intensively Fed Indigeneous GoatsVeera Ragavan, G(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Nageswara Rao, G; Janardhana Reddy, T
1990-12Effect Of Certain Additives On The Performance Of Broilers And Layers Of Commercial White LeghornEswariah, (MAJOR); Ramasubba reddy, V; Raj Reddy, M; Chetan Kumar, Thota
1968-04The Effect Of Experimentally Induced Aflatoxins On The Performance OF White Leghorns HensRao, P.V.(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Eshwaraiah; Rajasekhar Reddy, V; Sudhakar, B.v
1996-03Enhancement Of Phytin Phosphorous Bioavailability And Evaluation Of Conventional And Novel Phosphorous Supplements For ChickenRavindra reddy, V(MAJOR); Ramasubba reddy, V; Raj Reddy, M; Nageswara rao, G; Sadagopan, V.R; Rama rao, S.V
1992-10Evaluation Of Animal Protein Meals For Broiler ChickenJyotheeshwara Reddy, S(MAJOR); Prakash rao, P.S.; Raj Reddy, M; Sreekanth Reddy, K
1986-12Protein Evaluation Of Feedstuffs Based On Rumen Degradable Protein And In Vivo Evaluation Of Concentrate Mixtures Of Varying DegradabilitiesAnjaneya Prasad, D(MAJOR); Raghavan, G.V.; Raj Reddy, M; Rama rao, M; Prabhakar rao, Z
1996-08Studies On The Nutrient Requirements For Growth And Meat Production Of Deccani SheepPurushotham, N.P(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Ravindra reddy, V; Nageswara rao, G; Reddy, T.J; Swaroopa rani, K
1989-03Studies On The Nutritive Value And Utilization Of Ambadi (Hibiscus Cannabinus) Cake In poultry FeedsRao, P.V(MAJOR); Ravindra Reddy, V; Raj Reddy, M; Reddy, R.R; Nageswara rao, G; Rajashekher Reddy, A
1989-12Studies On The Pattern Of Volatile Fatty Acid Concentration In The Rumen Of Sheep And Goats And Their Relative Levels With Respect To Time After FeedingSivaiah, K(MAJOR); Raghavan, G.V; Purushotham, N.P; Raj Reddy, M; Mallikarjuna, Gollapinni
1986-05Studies On The Utilization Of Ambadi Cake In The Concentrate Feeds Of Cross Bred CattleJoji Reddy, K(MAJOR); Janardhana Reddy, T; Salim Khan, M; Raj Reddy, M; Kanna Babu, Y
1986-07Studies On The Utilization of Proceed Neem Seed Oil Cake In Poultry FeedsRao, P.V.; Reddy, C.V.; Raj Reddy, M; Rajasekhar Reddy, V
1986-08Studies On The Utilization Of Proceed Sorghum Straw In The Rations Of SheepNarasimha Reddy, D(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Mudaliar, A.S.R.; Lingam, B; Ibrahim, Mohammed
1984-06Studies on utilization of paddy straw in complete rations for sheepSheshi Reddy, B(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; veera raghavan, G; krishna mohan, D.v..g; sudhakar reddy, k; Srinivasa rao, Duddu
1991-01Studies On Voluntary intake,Nutrient Availability And Total Volatile Fatty Acids Production In Sheep And Goats Fed Crop ResiduesVeera raghavan, G(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Rama rao, M; Murugan, M
1984-04A Study on Duck farming In Rural Areas Of Andhra PradeshRavindra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Rao, P.V; Ramasubba Reddy, V; Raj Reddy, M; Rithamber
1988-06A Study On The Influence of Different Growth promotors In CockerelsRavindra Reddy, V(MAJOR); Siddiqui, S.M; Narasa Reddy, D; Raj Reddy, M; Giri Prasad, B
1986-05Utilization Of a Claved Meal in concentrated feeds ofRaj Reddy, M(MAJOR); Janardhana Reddy, T; Raj Reddy, M; Seshi Reddy, B
1991-01Utilization Of Castor Straw As Roughage Source In The Rations Of RuminantsNarasimha reddy, D; Raj Reddy, M; Janardhan reddy, T; Suryanarayana, M.V.A.N
1986-05Utlization Of Sunflower Straw And Subabul Meal In The Formulation Of Complete Feeds For CattleNarasa Reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Raj Reddy, M; Naidu, M.N.; Ravindra Reddy, V; Sundar Reddy, P