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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-11Effect Of Different Concentrate : Forage Ratios With Supplemental Methionine And Lysin On Digestibility And Performance In Lactating Cross-Bred CowsKrishna reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Suresh Reddy, V; Eswara reddy, C; Chandra kala, S
1998-08Effect Of Feeding Rations Containing Different Forage To Concentrate Ratios On The Performance Of Lactating Cross Bred CowsKrishna Reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Ragava Rao, E; Sarma, Y.R.B; Rajanna, N
1996-01Effect Of Supplementation Of Yeast Culture (yea-Sacc Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) To Forage Based Rations In Lactating Crossbred CowsKrishna reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, V; Pasha ali, M; Narasa reddy, G.V; Sarat Chandra, A
1993-09Factors Affecting The Performance Of Buffaloes Maintained By Milk Producers In And Around HyderabadNarasimha rao, G(MAJOR); Jayarama Krishna, V; Pasha ali, M; Satyanarayana, A; Prasad, R.M.V
1987-08Isolation And identification Of Aerobic spore Forming Bacteria from Heat Treated MilksRama raju, V.V(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Janaki ramasarma, B; Kiran Kumar, M
1993-09Preservation Of Raw Milk Through Activation Of Lactoperoxidase System By Hydrogen Peroxide And ThiocyanateRamakota Reddy, C(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Seshagiri rao, A; Janardhan reddy, T; Unni Krishnan, R
1995-08Studies On The Factors Affecting Cost Of Milk Production And Low Solids-Not-Fat Content In Hyderabad Milk Shed AreaPrasad, M.R(MAJOR); Balakrishna reddy, M; Pasha ali, M; Hemachandrudu, K; Harikrishna, Ch
1984-06Studies On The Preparation And Physico-Chemical Properties of Different levels Of Groundnut Protein IsolateRamarao, M(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Gabriel, K
1996-05Supplementation Of Yeast Culture Yea SACC (Saccharomyces Carevisise) To Forage Based Rations In Growing Crossbred HeifersKrishna reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Prasad, M.R; Pasha ali, M; Joji reddy, K; Kishan Kumar, M