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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Analysis on the productive and reproductive traits of Murrah buffalo cows maintained in the coastal region of IndiaThiruvenkadan, AK; Panneerselvam, S; Rajendran, R; Murali, N; TANUVAS
2013Breed characteristics of Salem black Goat of Tamil NaduGopu, P; Raman, KS; Thangaraju, P; Saravanan, R; Panneerselvam, S; TANUVAS
1998Characteristics and Performance of Vembur Sheep in the HabitatKandasamy, N; Panneerselvam, S; Pandiyan, V; Chandran, P.C.; TANUVAS
1997Characterization and Evaluation of Kanni Adu Breed of GoatsPanneerselvam, S; Kandasamy, N; Thangamani, R; Thiruvenkadan, A.K.; TANUVAS
1995Distribution and Characteristics of Kangayam CattleKandasamy, N; Panneerselvam, S; Mani, V; Rajendran, R; TANUVAS
2015Effect of season and parity on somatic cell count across zebu and crossbred cattle populationSaravanan, R; Das, DN; Panneerselvam, S; TANUVAS
1995Evaluation of Production and Reproduction Performance of Toda BuffaloKandasamy, N; Panneerselvam, S; Mani, V; Karthikeyan, M.K.; TANUVAS
2010Factors Affecting Ages at First Mating and Calving in Murrah Buffaloes at Coastal Region of Tamil NaduThiruvenkadan, A.K.; Panneerselvam, S
1998Factors Affecting Production and Reproduction Performance of Jersey Cattle in the NilgirisPanneerselvam, S; Kandasamy, N; Mani, V; Venkataraman, R; TANUVAS
1997Genetic Polymorphism of Milk Proteins in Kangayam CattleKandasamy, N; Panneerselvam, S; Pandiyan, V; Jeichitra, V; TANUVAS
2012Impact of Sprouted Green Gram, Selenium and Vitamin E On Semen Quality and Fertility in Egg Type Chicken BreederMoorthy, M; Mani, K; Panneerselvam, S; Karthika, R; TANUVAS
2014-09Microsatellite based genetic characterization of Kanni Adu, Kodi Adu and Salem Black goats of Tamil NaduJeyakumar, M; Thiruvenkadan, AK; Saravanan, R; Kathiravan, P; Panneerselvam, S; Malmarugan, S; TANUVAS
2015Microsatellite- based phylogeny of Indian sheep breedsRamachandran, A; Thiruvenkadan, AK; Kathiravan, P; Panneerselvam, S; Elango, A; TANUVAS
2014-09Milk Production and Reproduction performance of murrah buffaloes of Tamil Nadu, IndiaThiruvenkadan, AK; Panneerselvam, S; Murali, N; Selvam, S; Ramesh Saravanakumar, V; TANUVAS
2011Molecular Characterization of Goat Breeds of Tamil Nadu Using Microsatellite MarkersThiruvenkadan, A.K.; Panneerselvam, S; Malmarugan, S; Jeyakumar, M; TANUVAS
2010Sheep Genetic Resources of Tamil Nadu, India : Its Breed Characters and Genetic Improvement StrategiesThiruvenkadan, A.K.; Panneerselvam, S
1998Studies on Haemoglobin, Transferrin and Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Variants in Kanni Adu Breed of GoatsKandasamy, N; Panneerselvam, S; Thangamani, R; Sundaram, R. Meenakshi; TANUVAS
2015Study on ages at first mating and calving of Murrah buffaloes in hot and humid climate of Tamil Nadu, IndiaThiruvenkadan, AK; Panneerselvam, S; Murali, N; TANUVAS