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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Comparative Study of Gamma Interferon Assay and Single Intradermal Test in the Diagnosis of Bovine TuberculosisGanesan, P.I.; Nedunchelliyan, S; Ramadass, P; Latheef, Nishath; TANUVAS
1984Congenital Hypoplasia of Pelvis in RabbitNedunchelliyan, S; Shanmugam, A.M.; TANUVAS
2001Determination of Certain Heavy Metals and Preservatives in Commercial Meat ProductsRadhakrishnan, K.T.; Venkataramanujam, V; Nedunchelliyan, S; Santhi, D; TANUVAS
1992EpideEpidemiology of an outbreak of leptospirosis in man and dogVenkataraman, KS; Nedunchelliyan, S; TANUVAS
2005Epidemiological Studies On Toxoplasma Gondii In Domestic Cats And Dogs In And Around ChennaiKandavel, E; Nedunchelliyan, S; Manohar, B. Murali; Prabhakar, T.G.; Bharathi, M. Vijaya; TANUVAS
2001Epidemiology Of Bovine Leptospirosis In Namakkal, Salem, Erode Districts Of Tamil Nadu And Immune Response In Calves To Inactivated Leptospiral VaccinesNedunchelliyan, S; Haneef, Shahid Shaik; TANUVAS
1998Isolation and Identification of Psychrotrophic Aerobic Spore Formers in MilkKumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Nedunchelliyan, S; Thomasina, S; TANUVAS
2006-06Knowledge Empowerement Through Distance Education ModeSheriff, F.R.; Kumaravel, P; Babu, A. Shyam; Ahmed, Maqbool; Valavan, S. Ezhil; Senthilkumar, T; Nedunchelliyan, S
1998Molecular Characterization of Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 - VirusChandramohan, Andrew; Nedunchelliyan, S; Nachimuthu, K; Gaji, Rajshekhar, Y; TANUVAS
1997Molecular Characterization of Rabies VirusJayakumar, R; Nedunchelliyan, S; Chandramohan, Andrew; Ganesh, V; TANUVAS
1998Prevalence of Leptospirosis and Parasitic Infections in Free Ranging Mongooses and RodentsJayathangaraj, M.G.; John, C. Mathew; Nedunchelliyan, S; Senthilkumar, P; TANUVAS
2000Study On The Coupled Complex Vaccine For Ibd And Its ImmunogenicityNedunchelliyan, S; Karunakaran, K; TANUVAS
1983A Study on the Normal Haematology of Laboratory RatSrinivasan, R; Shanmugam, A.M.; Balachandran, S; Nedunchelliyan, S; TANUVAS