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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of toxic heavy metals in blood samples of cattle and buffalo in different zones of HaryanaGanguly, Anita; Naveen Kumar
2016Assessment of farm mechanization gaps and identification of farm machines to be developed alongwith their specifications in HaryanaS. Mukesh; Naveen Kumar
1988Cropping systems and sowing methods studies for rabi forages under rainfed conditionsSood, B.R.; Naveen Kumar
2017-07Design and feasibility analysis of 30 KW GCPV and wind-solar hybrid systemGoel, S.K.; Naveen Kumar
2009Detection of anti Non-Structural protein 3A (NSP-3A) antibodies in sera of cattle and buffaloes vaccinated with FMD vaccine in HaryanaBatra, S.K.; Naveen Kumar
2011Effect of foliar application of boron and calcium on tomato mid hill conditions of Western HimalayasParmar, D.K.; Naveen Kumar
2017Effect of nitrogen levels and seed rate on wheat productivity with and without rice residue retained situationKamboj, B.R.; Naveen Kumar
2013Effect of row spacing and moisture regimes on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars planted on raised bedsSuresh Kumar; Naveen Kumar
0Genetic analysis of fruit yield and component traits in sweet pepper [Capsicum annuum l.var grossum sendt.]Sood, Sonia; Naveen Kumar
2006Molecular and immunological studies on persistence of FMD virusSharma, R.; Naveen Kumar
2006Molecular And Immunological Studies On Persistence Of Fmd VirusSharma, R.; Naveen Kumar
2006Physiological mechanism of flower bud opening and its regulation in rose (Rosa hybrida L.)Srivastva, G. C.; Naveen Kumar
2014Selection of high-yielding iron-rich PAU201/Palman579 segregating rice (Oryza sativa L.) lines using conventional and molecular marker techniquesChowdhury, V.K.; Naveen Kumar
2007Studies on the effects of hormones in combination with nitrogen fertilization in gladiolusMisra, R. L.; Naveen Kumar
2010To develop an efficient micropropagation protocol for Stevia rebaudianaChowdhury, V.K.; Naveen Kumar