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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Air-Borne Contamination by Yeasts and Moulds in Khoa Manufacturing Dairy PlantsKumar, C; Narasimhan, R; Ramaswamy, V; Rajarajan, G; TANUVAS
1999Antifungal Activity of Selected Species of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from DahiDhanalakshmi, B; Narasimhan, R; Ramaswamy, V; Vijayalakshmi, A.S.; TANUVAS
1999Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Type A and B in Milk and Milk ProductsDhanalakshmi, B; Narasimhan, R; Ramaswamy, V; Latha, N; TANUVAS
1997Effect of Antibiotics on Starter CulturesDhanalakshmi, B; Narasimhan, R; Ramasamy, V; Narayanan, Rita; TANUVAS
2000Effectiveness of the Farm Journal - Kalnadai KathirKrishnaraj, R; Subramanian, R; Narasimhan, R; Senthilkumar, S; TANUVAS
1994Electrophoretic Studies on Adulteration in Mixtures of Different Species of MilkNarasimhan, R; Khan, M. Mohamed Habibulla; Ayyadurai, K; Sathyan, S; TANUVAS
1995Hydrolysis of Lactose in WheyNarasimhan, R; Sundararasu, V; Subramanian, V.S.; Veerapandian, V; TANUVAS
1996Incidence of Clostridia in Processed Cheese and Processed Cheese SpreadKumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Ramasamy, V; Pushparani, Dorathy; TANUVAS
1997Incidence of Staphylococci in Khoa and PaneerDhanalakshmi, B; Narasimhan, R; Ramaswamy, V; Thilakavathi, T; TANUVAS
1998Isolation and Identification of Psychrotrophic Aerobic Spore Formers in MilkKumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Nedunchelliyan, S; Thomasina, S; TANUVAS
1994Isolation of Aflatoxigenic Aspergillus Species from Cheese and CurdKumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Ramasamy, V; Kumaresan, G; TANUVAS
1997Isolation of Citrinin Producing Penicillium citrinum from CheeseDhanapalan, B; Narasimhan, R; Purushothaman, V; Pugazhenthi, T.R.; TANUVAS
1995Isolation of Ochratoxigenic Moulds from Curd (DAHI)Kumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Ramasamy, V; Saravanakumar, K; TANUVAS
2000Plasmid Profile Analysis of Lactobacillus SpeciesDhanalakshmi, B; Narasimhan, R; Saravanabava, K; Parthiban, M; TANUVAS
2000Preparation Of Mozzarella Cheese With Selective Starter CulturesNarasimhan, R; Baskaran, D; TANUVAS
1992Studies on Antibacterial Activity Associated with Lactobacillus SpeciesNarasimhan, R; Chandrasekaran, S. Kannan; Prusothaman, V; Baskaran, D; TANUVAS
1994Studies on Concentration of Butter Milk and Its Use in Preparation of YoghurtKhan, M. Mohamed Habibulla; Narasimhan, R; Prabaharan, R; Vijayalakshmi, R; TANUVAS
1993Studies on Dietetic Shrikhand Prepared Using Lactic Acid BacteriaKumar, C. Naresh; Narasimhan, R; Shanmugam, A.M.; Subramonian, B. Suresh; TANUVAS
2000Studies On Preparation Of Dietetic Milk Powder With Added Bifidogenic PropertiesNarasimhan, R; Subramonlan, B Suresh; TANUVAS
1991Studies on Preparation of Dietetic Softy Ice CreamNarasimhan, R; Khan, M. Mohamed Habibulla; Shanmugam, A.M.; Sivakumar, A; TANUVAS