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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-07Certain Biochemical parameters In the Ewe Amniotic Fluid During Different Phases Of GestationSudhir Chandra reddy, V(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Narasa reddy, G.V; Janardhan reddy, T; Parameshwer reddy, A
1987-01Dried Poultry Droppings In The Feed For Diary HeifersRama rao, M(MAJOR); Narasa reddy, G.V; Krishna Srinivas, D
1996-01Effect Of Supplementation Of Yeast Culture (yea-Sacc Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) To Forage Based Rations In Lactating Crossbred CowsKrishna reddy, G.V(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, V; Pasha ali, M; Narasa reddy, G.V; Sarat Chandra, A
1997-12Effect Of Urea-Ammoniation Technique In Improving The Nutritive Value Of Korra (Setaria Italica)Straw Under Intensively Fed Native GoatsJanardhana reddy, T(MAJOR); Naidu, M.M; Narasa reddy, G.V; Nalini Kumari, Nagireddy
1994-12Energy Metabolizability Of Certain Feed Ingredients In Quails vis-à-vis ChickenQudratullah, S(MAJOR); Jyotheeswara reddy, S; Narasa reddy, G.V; Yakoob Reddy, P
1993-08Investigation On The Relative Levels Of Various Nitrogen Fractions In Reticulo-Rumen Of Goat And Sheep Fed Crop Residues And Agro-Industrial By-ProductsJanardhan, T(MAJOR); Nageswara rao, G; Narasa reddy, G.V; Malsur, G
1990-01Rate Of Passage Of Food And Its Effect On Digestability Of Nutrients In Sheep And GoatsSuresh Reddy, V(MAJOR); Raghavan, G.V.; Sivaiah, K; Narasa reddy, G.V; udaya Bhaskar, K.R.
1992-09Studies on Certain Blood Constituents Of Nondescript Rural Buffaloes During Normal Cyclic And Postpartum Anoestrus PeriodsSudhir Chandra reddy, V(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Eswara Reddy, C; Narasa reddy, G.V; Umesh, K.R
1996-02Studies On Densification Of Urea-Treated Paddy Straw And Effect Of Feeding Densifed Urea-Treated Straw To Diary Cattle On The quantity And Quality Of MilkRaj Reddy, M(MAJOR); Raghavan, G.V; Narasa reddy, G.V; Krishna reddy, G.V; Durga prasad, R.D
1992-01Studies On Intensive Feeding with Balanced Least Cost RationsSuresh reddy, V(MAJOR); Nageswara rao, G; Narasa reddy, G.V; Bhasker reddy, P
1992-09Studies On Nutrient Utilization In Goats Fed Cotton Seed Hulls As Sole Source Of RoughageJanardhan reddy, T(MAJOR); Raghavan, G.V; Nageswara rao, G; Narasa reddy, G.V; Sridhar, Cherukuri
1989-09Studies On The Effect Of Physical Factors on The Utilization Of Nutrients Of Nutrients of maize straw among sheep and goatsRaj reddy, M(MAJOR); Narasa reddy, G.V; Ramachandra reddy, R; Janardhan reddy, T; Govindaiah, Tulasi
1995-07Studies On The Effect Of Varying Levels Of Energy Intake On Nutrient Utilization In Deccani LambsPurushotham, N.P(MAJOR); Janardhan reddy, T; Nageshwara rao, G; Narasa reddy, G.V; Hema nalini, B
1993-12Studies On The Utilization Of Poultry Droppings In Sheep And Goats Fed Complete FeedRaghavan, G.V(MAJOR); Nageswara rao, G; Narasa reddy, G.V; Naidu, M.M
1998-11Utilization Of Dried Orange Pomace In The Rations Of SheepJoji reddy, K(MAJOR); Narasa reddy, G.V; Sivaiah, K; Rama Krishna, K.V