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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Clinical efficacy of progestagen ear implants for induction of cyclicity in pre-pubertal Tharparkar heifersNanda, Trilok; Sheoran, Mahender Singh
2017Development of multiplex molecular assay for detection of pathogens involved in bovine abortionNanda, Trilok; Aman Kumar
2013Expression of AKAP110 gene transcripts in capacitated and non capacitated buffalo spermatozoa by real time PCRNanda, Trilok; Tomar, Prince
2013Expression of Catsper2 gene transcripts in capacitated and non-capacitated buffalo spermatozoa by real time PCRNanda, Trilok; Murmu, Monika
2012Expression profile of candidate gene Nr4A1 in Buffalo Cumulus-Oocyte-Complexes during In vitro Maturation processNanda, Trilok; Sharma, Vishal
2012Expression profile of Cyclin B gene in buffalo cumulus oocyte complexNanda, Trilok; Yadav, Jitender
2017In vitro expression, Molecular and immunological characterization of early pregnancy related interferon tau stimulated gene of Bubalus bubalisNanda, Trilok; Batra, Kanisht
2014Molecular characterization of Indian isolates of Bovine Herpes Virus-1Nanda, Trilok; Mahendra Singh
2017Production of cloned embryos using somatic cells from swamp buffalo and oocytes from riverine buffaloNanda, Trilok; Ananth.K
2013Role of ISG15 gene transcript and progesterone levels in predicting pregnant and non-pregnant buffaloesNanda, Trilok; Dar, Muneer Ahmad
2014Serum Proteomics and MX2 gene expression analysis in the peripheral blood of early pregnant buffaloNanda, Trilok; Buragohain, Lukumoni
2009Studies on bone morphogenetic protein 15 transcripts in in vitro matured buffalo cumulus oocyte complexesNanda, Trilok; Rajesh Prasad
2010Studies on differential expression of Cyp19 gene transcripts in fresh and in vitro capacitated buffalo spermatozoaNanda, Trilok; Anupama Kumari
2009Studies on growth differentiation factor-9 transcripts in in vitro matured buffalo cumulus oocyte complexesNanda, Trilok; Malik, Hrudananda
2000Studies On In Vitro Maturation Fertilization And Culture Of Oocytes Recovered From Cow And Buffalo Calves Following SuperstimulationKhar, S.K.; Nanda, Trilok
2010Studies on Leptin receptor transcripts in in vitro capacitated spermatozoa of buffalo semenNanda, Trilok; Kanchan Kumari
1986Studies on the synchronizaiton and induction of oestrus in sheep with use of Intravaginal SpongesKhar, S. K; Nanda, Trilok
2014Study of expression profile of PAG 1 gene transcript in buffaloNanda, Trilok; Sunayna
2008A study on FSH and IGF-I receptor transcripts in buffalo ovarian folliclesNanda, Trilok; Randhir Prasad
2011To study the expression of growth differentiation factor-9 in in vitro matured buffalo oocytes retrieved from ovarian folliclesNanda, Trilok; Meshra Chandraprakash D