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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08Accessory Corpus Luteum: Induction and Characterisation in Crossbred CattleSatheskumar, S.; Palanisamy, A.; Prasad, Ch. Srinivasa; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2007Adaptation Of A Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus To Vero Cells:Assessing The Molecular Changes Before And After AdaptationMohan, C. Madhan; Dey, Sohini; Kumanan, K.; Manohar, B. Murali; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; TANUVAS
2007-08Avian Embryonic Cardiomyocytes as an In vitro Model for Drug TestingGowri, A. Mangala; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2000Biotechnological Methods in Peste Des Petits Ruminants DiagnosisRaj, G. Dhinakar; Nachimuthu, K; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Brindha, K; TANUVAS
1998Characterisation of Indigenous Sheep Breeds by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Nachimuthu, K; Raman, K.S.; Nagarajan, G; TANUVAS
2004Characterization of a Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated from Apparently Normal Guinea Fowl (Numida Melagridis)Mathivanan, B.; Kumanan, K.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; TANUVAS
2004Characterization of Nucleoprotein Gene Sequence of an Indian Isolate of Rabies VirusJayakumar, R.; Tirumurugaan, K.G.; Ganga, G.; Kumanan, K.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; TANUVAS
2005Chromosomal Analysis and Typing of Growth Hormone Gene in CattleNainar, A. Mahalinga; Ramaswamy, V.; Bharathi, C.; TANUVAS
2008-11Chromosomal characterization of Umblachery breed of cattle (Bos indicus) – a famous South Indian breed of Tamilnadu, IndiaKumarasamy, P.; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Rajendran, R.; Thangaraju, P.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; TANUVAS
2007-08Cloning and Expression Bovine Interferon GammaThamizharasan, A.; Palanisamy, A.; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2000Cloning and Expression of Cellulase Gene From Rumen Cellulolytic BacteriaNachimuthu, K; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Saravanabava, K; Dash, Pradyot; TANUVAS
2007Cloning and Expression of Fowl Adenovirus Serotype 4 Hexon GeneParthiban, M.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Aruni, A. Wilson; Kalaiselvi, G.; TANUVAS
2007-08Cloning and Expression of Fowl Adenovirus Serotype 4 Hexon GeneKalaiselvi, G.; Parthiban, M.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2007Cloning and Expression of Immunodominant Protein of Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. ParatuberculosisNainar, A. Mahalinga; Kumar, T.M.A. Senthil; Chandramohan, Andrew; Satya; TANUVAS
2007Cloning and Expression of VP1 Gene of Chicken Anaemia VirusManoharan, S.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Purushothaman, V.; Chakravarthy, V.. Deepan; TANUVAS
2007-08Cloning and Expression of VP1 Gene of Chicken Anaemia VirusChakravarthi, V. Deepan; Manoharan, S.; Purushothaman, V.; Ramadass, P.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2000Comparative Efficacy of Diagnostic Tests in Early Detection of Canine Renal DiseasePrathaban, S; Vasu, K; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Dwarakanath, Akshay; TANUVAS
2007-08Comparison of TCM-199 and SOF Media on In vitro Development of Ovine Preimplantation EmbryosRangasamy, S.; Satheskumar, S.; Prasad, Ch. Srinivasa; Palanisamy, A.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga
2002-01Detection of Rabies Virus Genome in Brain Tissues by using in situ HybridizationJayakumar, R.; Kumanan, K.; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; TANUVAS
2007-08Development of Sensitive Polymerase Chain Reaction for Chicken Anaemia Virus DetectionAnci, I.; Manoharan, S.; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Roy, Parimal; Nainar, A. Mahalinga