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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Antibiotic resistance pattern of commonly used antibiotics in the treatment of parvoviral gastroenteritis in dogsRevathi, Pagadala; Nagarajan, B; Devi, T; Bhambhani Inder, Mitali; et al.; TANUVAS
2019Characterization of Excretory and Secretory Larval Antigen of Toxocara canis by Western BlottingKavitha, KT; Sreekumar, C; Latha, BR; Mangala Gowri, A; Nagarajan, B
2004Clinical And Therapeutic Evaluation Of Bacterial Dermatitis In DogsNagarajan, B; Jayanthi, S; TANUVAS
2009Clinical Studies on Megaesophagus in DogsNagarajan, B; Srinivasan, S.R.; Kumanan, K; Chandrashekhar, Gaikwad Prachi; TANUVAS
2000Clinicopathological and Endoscopic Evaluation of Colon Disorders in DogsVasu, K; David, W.C. Archibald; Nagarajan, B; Kumar, G. Senthil; TANUVAS
1999Clinicopathological Evaluation of Diseases Causing Ascites in DogsNagarajan, B; Vasu, K; Ganesh, T.N.; Manojlal, K.M.; TANUVAS
1997A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Diagnostic Tests in the Diagnosis of Bovine Subclinical MastitisNagarajan, B; Vasu, K; Ganesh, T.N.; Saravanan, P; TANUVAS
2011Duodenal foreign body in dogs: Endoscopic findings*Saravanan, M; Nagarajan, B; Kavitha, S; TANUVAS
1999Efficacy of Ciprofloxacin, Cefazolin and Azithromycin in Bacterial Pneumonia of DogsNagarajan, B; Vasu, K; Rajasundaram, R.C.; Swamy, K.K. Ponnu; TANUVAS
2008Evaluation Of Endocrine Dermatoses In DogsSrinivasan, S.R.; Manohar, B. Murali; Nagarajan, B; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Selvaraj, P; TANUVAS
2019Identification of Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) in Dairy Herds of Pollachi by Analysis of Rumen Fluid and Other Biological ParametersMohammed Ismail, AL; Kavitha, S; Gowri, B; Arunaman, CS; Nagarajan, B; Vairamuthu, S; TANUVAS
1990Liver Biopsy in RuminantsNagarajan, B; Gnanaprakasam, V
2016MOLECULAR AND MORPHOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS IN DEMODEX SPP. OF DOGSChettri, Priya; Gomathinayagam, S; TANUVAS; Bhaskaran Ravi Latha; Nagarajan, B
2019-10Status of Maternal Derived Antibody Against Rabies in Naive Puppies in ChennaiSowmiya, M; Asokkumar, M; Vijaya Bharathi, M; Rathnapraba, S; Senthil Kumar, RL; Devi, T; Nagarajan, B; TANUVAS
1997Ultrasonographic Pregnancy Diagnosis in the BitchRajasekaran, J; Rajasundaram, R.C.; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Nagarajan, B; Rajan, A. Vijaya; TANUVAS
1998Ultrasonographic Studies of Reticular Disorders in CattleNagarajan, B; Vasu, K; Selvasubramaniam, S; Gowri, B; TANUVAS
1997Ultrasonographic Studies on Hepatobiliary Disorders in Experimental DogsNagarajan, B; Vasu, K; Ganesh, T.N.; Vijayanand, V; TANUVAS
2006Ultrasound guided liver biopsy in dogsVijayananad, V; Nagarajan, B; TANUVAS
1999Urethrocystoscopic Studies in DogsGanesh, T.N.; William, B. Justin; Nagarajan, B; Khan, Mohammad Hassan Rahman; TANUVAS