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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03Community Small Onion / Multiplier Onion (Allium cepa var aggregatum) Nursery as a Contingency Measure for Delayed Planting in NICRA Village of Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, IndiaBharathi, Sharmila C; Mohan, B; TANUVAS
1997A Comparative Study on the Immune Status of Birds Using Inactivated / Live Infectious Bursal Disease VaccinesKandavel, E; Mohan, B; Prabhakar, T.G.; Padmanaban, C; TANUVAS
2019-02Effect of Canopy Management and Chemical Manipulation on Morphological Attributes of Off Season Production in Annual moringa cv. PKM1Bharathi, C Sharmila; Pugalendhi, L; Mohan, B; TANUVAS
1998Effect of Different Coloured Light on Broiler PerformanceMohan, B; Viswanathan, K; Krishnaraj, R; Ramesh, K; TANUVAS
1997Effect of Feeding Antibiotic and Probiotic on Broiler PerformanceViswanathan, K; Mohan, B; Ravi, R; Kannan, D; TANUVAS
1991The Effect of Probiotic Supplementation on Growth and Nitrogen Utilization in BroilersKadirvel, R; Viswanathan, M.R.; Nayeem, Mohammed; Mohan, B; TANUVAS
2010Feeding Value of Maize Bran in BroilersMoorthy, M; Edwin, S.C.; Mohan, B; Byju, S; TANUVAS
2002Feeding Value of Sesame Oil Cake for BroilersMohan, B; Ravi, R; Abraham, Robinson J.J.; Yasothai, R; TANUVAS
1998Lysine and Methionine Supplementation in Isocaloric Low Protein Diets on the Performance of White Leghorn BirdsPurushothaman, M.R.; Ravi, R; Mohan, B; Bandeswaran, C; TANUVAS
1997Pathology of Newcastle Disease in ChickenBalasubramaniam, G.A.; George, V. Titus; Mohan, B; Pazhanivel, N; TANUVAS
2019-02Role of KVK, Namakkal in Floriculture - Makes Fragrance to Farmers LivelihoodBharathi, C Sharmila; Mohan, B; Akila, N; TANUVAS
1998A Study on Economics of Broiler Production in and around Palladam Area of Coimbatore DistrictMohan, B; Viswanathan, K; Pandiyan, V; Rajendran, K; TANUVAS
1998A Study on Management and Production Performance of Broilers in Palladam AreaViswanathan, K; Mohan, B; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Hegde, Ganesh; TANUVAS
1998Systems of Broiler Marketing in Palladam Broiler PocketMohan, B; Viswanathan, K; Ravi, R; Saravanan, G; TANUVAS