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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Cloning and expression of ns1 gene of Indian isolate of bluetongue virusMinakshi; Pawan Kumar
2009Cloning and expression of VP6 gene of bovine rotavirusMinakshi; Hari Mohan
2016Development of Electro-Chemical Sensor for Point of Care Diagnosis of Blue tongueMinakshi; Guray, Madhu Sudan
2006Development of non radioactive DNA probe for diagnosis of bovine herpes virus-1Minakshi; Kapgate, Sunil
2004Diagnosis of bovine herpesvirus-1 in semen by PCR and antibodies by ELISAMinakshi; Virender Singh
1997Exploring correlation between respiratory activity and nitrogen fixing efficiency of azide resistant strains of RhizobIum ciceriYadav, A. S; Minakshi
2017Functional studies to evaluate/validate the role of key genes in bluetongue virus serotype 16 (BTV-16) infectionMinakshi; Manimegalai. J
2011Hexon gene based molecular characterization of avian adenoviruses of poultryMinakshi; Soumyalekshmi.S
2010Identification of animal species through reminiscent biological materialMinakshi; Alisha
2012Molecular characterization and complete genome sequencing of field isolates of canine parvovirusMinakshi; Thomas, Jijo V.
2008Nsp4 gene based genetic diversity among diarrheic bovine and human group A rotavirusesMinakshi; Atul Kumar Singh
2008Nucleic acid based characterization of field isolates of avian adenovirus from chickensMinakshi; Gupta, Om Narayan
2007Nucleic acid based detection of canine parvovirus and cloning and sequencing of VP2 geneMinakshi; Savi
2003Potentiality Of Flower Cultivation By Rural Women In HaryanaMehta, Sudarshan; Minakshi
1999Relative frequencies of G (VP7) and P (VP4) genotypes of Group A rotavirus from diarrhoeic bovine calves by RT -PCR and their restriction endonuclease profilePandey, R.; Minakshi
2012Seasonal Abundance of Major Insects of Soybean Crop and their Management with Microbials A Statistical ApproachSharma, H.L.; Minakshi
2002Standardization Of Educational Material On Consumer Education For Senior Secondary School ChildrenSingal, Savita; Minakshi
1986Studies on Campylobacter Infections in Domestic Animals Birds and Human BeingsDogra, S. C; Minakshi
2006Studies on genetic diversity in cotton for cotton leaf curl virus disease by using RAPD techniqueLuthra, O.P.; Minakshi
2013VP2 based genotyping of canine parvo virusMinakshi; Sundiresan.K