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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Capital formation on farms of Kangra District of Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Anjala Kumari
1983Capital requirement of specialized Crop farms of Kangra DistrictMehta, Parkash; Chopra, Amar Jit
1989Credit and labour requirement on farms in selected districts of Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Brij Bala
1982Credit requirement in dairy enterprise a financial study of Gujjars of District Kangra in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Chauhan, Sudershan Kumar
1990Demand for fertilizer and its optimum allocation in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Sharma, Anil Kumar
1988Demand for milk in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Prasher, Raghbir Singh
1994Dimensions and determinants of diversification: A study of district KangraMehta, Parkash; Mahajan, Girish
1991Disaggregate analysis of Production of Principal Crops in Haryana StateGangwar, A. C; Mehta, Parkash
1987Economic rationale of introducing dairy cattle on individual farm holdings in Mandi district of Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Thakur, Krishan Kumar
1993Economics of Selected Vegetables and Crops and Mushroom in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash
1980Economics of tea marketing in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Pathak, Kulwant Rai
1994Farm planning for income/production stability in Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Bhal, Sanjeev Kumar
1987Instability in Himachal AgricultureMehta, Parkash; Sambhar, Om Parkash
1986Optimum combination of livestock and crops in Nurpur area of district Kangra (H.P.)Mehta, Parkash; Sharma, Anil Kumar
1998Processes of diversification: A case study of district KangraMehta, Parkash; Mahajan, Girish
1993Resource use efficiency in paddy cultivation: A study of Himachal Pradesh and Manipur state of IndiaMehta, Parkash; Singh, S Basantha
1982Resource use efficiency in vegetable production in Kangra District of Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Ashok Kumar
1987Supply models for estimation and projection of some important foodgrain crops in Kullu and Kangra districts of Himachal PradeshMehta, Parkash; Madhuri, Veena