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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Adoption of Poplar (Populus Deltoides) Based Agroforestry in HaryanaMalik, R. S; Kumar, Sushil
1982An Economic Analysis of Goat Rearing In HaryanaPandey, Roop Narayan; Kumar, Sushil
1983Effect of Afforestation on Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Nutrient Build Up by Forest Litter in SoilsKumar, Ravi; Kumar, Sushil
1996Effect of rbst administration on induction of lactation in infertile buffaloesLudri, R S; Kumar, Sushil
2015Effect of supplementing lysine in distillers dried grain solubles (DDGS) based diet on Performance of BroilersSihag, Z.S.; Kumar, Sushil
1995Evaluation of different breeding programmes for genetic improvement of dairy cattle in farmers' herds.Rao, M.K.; Kumar, Sushil
1973Fortification of toned milk with Vitamin A & ironNarayanan, K.M.; Kumar, Sushil
1990Genetic studies on part lactations for sire evaluation in Sahiwal cattleSachdeva, G K; Kumar, Sushil
2012-04Influence of Deoiled Seed Cakes as Fertilizr on Growth and biomass Production of Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia Roxb.) Seedlings at Nurssery StatePatil, N.S.; Kumar, Sushil
1987Isolation And Characaterization Of Auxotrophic Mutants In Crop PlantsKumar, Sushil; Reddy, Sallaram Sokka
1993Isolation and characterization of nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)Dadarwal, K. R.; Kumar, Sushil
1980Leaf Litter and fine Root Docomposition in Poplar Based Agroforestry SystemsToky, O. P; Kumar, Sushil
2002Nitrous oxide emission from a sandy loam Inceptisol under irrigated wheat in India as influenced by different nitrification inhibitorsMajumdar, Deepanjan; Pathak, Himanshu; Kumar, Sushil; Jain, M. C.
1994Relative incidence of insect-pests on different cotton hybrids and their insecticidal managementKhurana, A. D; Kumar, Sushil
2007Role of nitrification inhibitors on nitrous oxide emissions in a fertilized alluvial clay loam under different moisture regimesKumar, Upendra; Jain, M. C.; Kumar, Sushil; Pathak, H.; Majumdar, Deepanjan
2015Status and management of Pear psylla (Psylla pyricola Foerster) on pear in KashmirKumar, Sushil; Meinaz Nissar
1983Studies on Gentoxic Effects of Some Metal Salts in the yeast Saccharomyces CerevisiaeKumar, Sushil; Pushpa
2012Studies on Insect Pest Infestation of Mungbean and Sesame Seeds and its Effect on Seed Quality.Behera, P.K.; Kumar, Sushil
1965Studies on the evaluation of some of the poultry feeds available in India for their protein qualitySindu, G. S; Kumar, Sushil
1994To study the biochemical effects of triazophos on albino ratsChawla, H. K. L.; Kumar, Sushil