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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Application of starter cultures for the production of dry sausagesBerwal, J. S; Kumar, Rajesh
1994Buffalo milk lactoperoxidase : Isolation, purification and characterization.Bhatia, K.L.; Kumar, Rajesh
1991Certain clinicopathological studies on experimental candidiasis in Japanese quailGupta, R. K. Paul; Kumar, Rajesh
1995Clinicoimmunological studies on Experimental nephropathy in calvesKumar, Rajesh; Kuamr, Lokesh
2017Comparative Efficacy of Herbicidal and Mechanical Weed Control in Mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss] at Different Levels of Sulphur(SKNAU)Kumar, Rajesh
2004Development and assessment of green synthesis of hydrazidesSaha, Ajoy; Kumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Rajendra; Devakumar, C.
2014Development of bioprocess for generation of antimicrobial and antioxidative peptides from milk proteins.Kumar, Rajesh; Rana, Seema
2017Diversity and Management of sucking insect pests of BrinjalMahla, M. K.; Kumar, Rajesh
2014An Economic Analysis of Rice Cultivation in Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan (SKNAU)Kumar, Rajesh
2015An Economic Analysis of Rice Cultivation in Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan(SKNAU)Kumar, Rajesh
2015Effect of fertilizers, biofertilizers and micro nutrients on growth, yield and quality of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) cv. pusa purpal roundSingh, V.K.; Kumar, Rajesh
1991Effect of Post-Harvest Treatments on Shelf Life of mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Fruits Cv DashehartiGupta, O. P.; Kumar, Rajesh
2002Effect of Seed Rate and Sowing Time on the Production of Sets for Kharif Onion CropGodara, O. P; Kumar, Rajesh
1990Effect of Seed Size, Seed Rate and Fertilizer Levels on Growth Yield and Nutritent Uptake of potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) cv. Kufri BadshahKhurana, S. C; Kumar, Rajesh
2003Effect of some Organic carboxylic Acids on Nitrification of Urea in a Subtropical soilKumar, Rajesh; Anupama; Parmar, Balraj S.
1982Effectof different concentration of herbicides in soil on nutrientuptake, growth and yield of paddy (oryza s ativa L. )Prased, Sharda; Kumar, Rajesh
2009Evaluation of antioxidant potential of fruit fortified dahii.Kumar, Rajesh; Arvindkuma, Modi, JigneshKumar
2012Evaluation of Bio active properties of polyphenol Extract (Tea) Fortified Whey Beverage..Kumar, Rajesh; Nalla, Dinesh Babu
2012Evaluation of functional properties of polyphenols extract fortified dahi..Kumar, Rajesh