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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-08Effect Of Feeding Calicum Soaps Of Vegetable Fats As Concentrated Energy Source On Nutrient Utilization And Performance In Native SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); Janardhan Reddy, T; Rao, B.V; Rama Subba Reddy, V; Raghava Rao, E; Ramana Reddy, Y
1991-05Evaluation Of Important Protein Supplements Based On Rumen Degradable Protein (RDP) In Crossbred CattleKrishna, N(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Ramachandra reddy, R; Sudhakara rao, Manukonda
1992-02Evaluation Of Urea Treated Paddy Straw In Crossbred SteersKrishna, N(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Ramachandra reddy, R; Venkata ramanaiah, D
1989-08In Sacco Evaluation Of Important Crop Residues using Fistulated BucksKrishna, N(MAJOR); Parthasarathy, M; Seshi Reddy, B; Bala Nageswara Rao, Somu
1993-05Nutritional Evaluation Of Brazilian Napier Grass And The Effect Of protein Supplementation On The Performance Of nellore SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); Rama Prasad, J; Ramchandra reddy, R; Deva sena, Busineni
1995-08Nutritional Evaluation Of Co-1 Grass And The Effect Of Protein Supplementation On The Performance Of Nellore SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); RamaPrasad, J; Ramachandra reddy, R; Venkata Vara Prasad, Damerla
1988-10Nutritional Evaluation Of Urea Treated Bajra StrawKrishna, N(MAJOR); Parthasarathy, M; Kodandarami Reddy, S; Venkata Ramana, Jampala
1994-11Nutritional Evaluation Of Urea Treated Cenchrus Ciliaris Grass Hay Supplemented With Palm Kernel Cake In Nellore SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); Rama Prasad, J; Ramachandra Reddy, R; Ramana Reddy, Yerradoddi
1992-08Palm Kernal cake As a Protein Source In Complete Feed For SheepKrishna, N(MAJOR); Prabhakara rao, Z; Ramachandra rao, R; Vasantha Lakshmi, Panyam
1997-12Utilization Of Palm Press Fibre,An Important By Product Of Oil Palm Industry As An Alternative Roughages Source For Buffaloes Through Urea Ammoniation TreatmentKrishna, N(MAJOR); Janardhana reddy, T; Krishna reddy, G.V; Rama Subba reddy, V; Raghava rao, E; Syama Dayal, J