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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Abuandance of Jurrassic bivalves during marine transgressive -regressive cyclic eventsKrishna, K M
2007Bibliometrics analysis of doctoral theses submitted in Rajasthan agricultural university Bikaner during 1996 - 2000(PhD)(2007)/ Vikram University Ujjain (MP)Krishna, K M
2007The Concept of Retail Information Management : Vision 2020Krishna, K M
2005Electronic information access in rural areaKrishna, K M
2003Information use pattern of reaserchers in veteranary and animal sciences , Rajasthan Agricultural University Bikaner during 1996-2000Krishna, K M
2008Internet Access at SKN College of Agriculture,Krishna, K M
2015Library e-resource services and its impacts on research scholars of university of Allahabad Library Progress (International) Year : 2015, Volume : 35, Issue : 2 First page : ( 139) Last page : ( 147)Krishna, K M
1991A new species of psuedo Lima Arkell( Bivalvia) from Dhosa Oolite( Oxfordian: Upper Jurassic Jhura hill Kuchch west IndiaKrishna, K M
2015Online access to Institutional Repository (IR) database ICAR News : Science & Technology,Vol 21(1) Jan- March 2015Krishna, K M
2016Reading attitude of Scholars: An Evaluation of Book Bank Services of S.K.N. College of Agriculture, JobnerKrishna, K M
2016Study and Evaluation of Medical Health Services: An AnalysisKrishna, K M
2015Study of Productiveness of Subject thrses in Agriculture Research: A Chi Sqyare Test Analysis: Collinet Conf 2015Krishna, K M
2019Use of CeRA Journals and their Impact on Agriculture Scholars A Case Study of S. K. N. Agriculture University, Jobner (Rajasthan)Krishna, K M
2014Use of ICT based Library Resources and Services and its impact on Users: A Case Study of University of Allahabad :SRELS Journal of Information Management , Vol 51(2), April 2014, p 93–98Krishna, K M
2010Utilization of Electronic Resources in Libraries of Agricultural Universities and Institutions of RajasthanKrishna, K M