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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A Comparative Study on Fertility in Buffaloes with PGF2 Alpha Induced and Natural OestrumDevanathan, T.G.; Kathiresan, D; Thilagar, S; Kumar, D. Vasantha; TANUVAS
1997Developmental Competence of Goat Oocytes During In Vitro MaturationKathiresan, D; Nachimuthu, K; Ameerjan, K; Saravanan, P; TANUVAS
2001Effect of Prostaglandin Inhibitor Flunixin Meglumine on the Conception Rate During Embryo Transfer in Crossbred CowsSubramanian, A; Kathiresan, D; Palanisamy, A; David, A.C.; TANUVAS
2010Effect of Turmeric Powder in Controlling Diarrhoea in CalvesSenthilkumar, T; Sheriff, F.R.; Kathiresan, D
1999Effect of Type of Freezing on the Membrane Integrity and Acrosome Status of Frozen-Thawed Bull SpermatozoaKathiresan, D; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Nayeem, Mohammed; Edwin, M. John; Nagendrakumar, S.B.; TANUVAS
2010Ethnoveterinary Medical Practices and ICTKathiresan, D; Rani, R. Uma; Puvarajan, B; Sivaseelan, S; Gnanalakssmi, K.S.; Punniamurthy, N; Muruganandam, B
1998Influence of GnRH on Estrus Response and Fertility in Norgestomet Treated Postpartum Anestrus BuffaloesAsokan, S.A.; Ratnam, S; Kathiresan, D; Ravi, K; TANUVAS
2000Influence of Packaging Systems on Cryopreservation of Buck SemenKalatharan, J; Thangaraju, P; Kathiresan, D; Narayanan, Major K. Lakshmi; TANUVAS
1996Ketamine-Halothane Anaesthesia in Xylazine or Acepromazine Premedicated EquineWilliam, B. Justin; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Kathiresan, D; Coumarane, K; TANUVAS
2010Natural Herbal Products as an Alternative to Antibiotic Feed Supplements to Augment Production and Health Status in PoultryValavan, S. Ezhil; Kathiresan, D; Vengadabady, N; Edwin, S.C.; Kumar, T. Senthil; Bharathidhasan, A
1993Performance of Tellicherry Goats Under Deep Litter SystemThiagarajan, M; Syamasundaram, S; Kathiresan, D; Arumugam, R; TANUVAS
1984Serum Cholesterol Level in Cycling and Anoestrous Murrah BuffaloesDevanathan, T.G.; Neduncheralathan, B; Kathiresan, D; Quayam, Syed Abdul; TANUVAS
1994Studies on Oestrus Synchronization in Tellicherry GoatsKathiresan, D; Devanathan, T.G.; Thiagarajan, V; Selvaraju, M; TANUVAS
1992Studies on Superovulation Response in Jersey Cows by Exogenous Administration of Different Regimen of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG)Rajasekaran, J; Kathiresan, D; Ramadass, P; Panchapakesan, S; TANUVAS
1993Studies on the Effect of Experimental Occlusion of Middle Uterine Artery in Pregnant GoatsKathiresan, D; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Venkatakrishnan, A; Sridevi, P; TANUVAS
1993A Study on Freezability of Buck Semen in Certain Milk ExtendersThiagarajan, V; Krishnan, A.R.; Kathiresan, D; Jawahar, K. Thilak Pon; TANUVAS
1983Treatment of Mummified Foetus in a Crossbred Jersey Heifer with ProstaglandinNarasimhan, K.S.; Neduncheralathan, B; John, D; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Kathiresan, D; TANUVAS
1983Treatment of Suboestrus in Buffalo Cows (Bubalus bubalis) with Prostaglandin AnalogueNeduncheralathan, B; Narasimhan, K.S.; Kathiresan, D; Ventakaswami, V; TANUVAS
2010Validation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge of Using Sapota Fruits and Jack Fruit Leaves in Treating Diarrhoea in CattleSheriff, F.R.; Senthilkumar, T; Kathiresan, D