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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Annual Report 2009-2010Kumar, Ashwani; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Parswal, B. S.
2011Annual Report 2010-2011Kumar, Ashwani; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Parswal, B. S.
2012Annual Report 2011-2012Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, S; Srivastava, S. K.; Parswal, B. S.
2013Annual Report 2012-2013Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Ghosh, Souvik; Nayak, A. K.; Verma, O. P.
2014Annual Report 2013-2014Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Brahmanand, P. S.; Nayak, Ashok K.; Verma, O. P.
2006Blending of Advance and Traditional Technologies for Watershed ManagementKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Ravender
2006Contingency Crop Planning and Effective Watershed Management to Mitigate Drought in Eastern IndiaKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani
2004Crop Diversification and Profitable Management of Rainfed Lowland Rice Area of WatershedKar, Gouranga; Verma, H. N.; Singh, R; James, B. K.
-Crop Diversification in Rainfed Upland Rice Area of Eastern IndiaKar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Verma, Harsh Nath
2010Deep Water Rice and Pond Based Farming System for Enhancing Water Productivity of Seasonal Flood Prone AreasKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Sahoo, N; Das, M; Roychowdhury, S
2014Farm Level Water Footprints of Crop ProductionKar, Gouranga; Singh, Rajbir; Kumar, A; Sikka, Alok Kumar
2010Integrated Approach of Crop Diversification, Soil and Rainwater Management for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity of Rainfed Acidic LandKar, Gouranga; Sahoo, N; Kumar, Ashwani
2007Integrated Technologies to Enhance Productivity of Seasonal Deep Waterlogged AreasKar, Gouranga; Sahoo, N; Kumar, Ashwani; Das, M; Roychowdhury, S; Chandra, Dinesh
2016Manual on Water Footprint Computation in Agriculture (Crop, Livestock and Fisheries)Kar, Gouranga; Rao, K. V.; Upadhyay, R. C.; Muralidhar, M; Islam, Abdul; Ambast, S. K.; Sikka, A. K.; Kumar, Ashwani
2002Participatory Rural Appraisal Technique for Research Prioritization to Improve Productivity of Rainfed Upland EcosystemKar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Reddy, G. P.; Kanan, K; Verma, H. N.
2006PRA Study for Resource Characterization in a Tribal Dominated WatershedKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Ravender; Pal, A
2007Spectral Properties Analysis and Crop Growth Simulation Modelling in RiceKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Chandra Bhaskar, B
2005Water Food Security Scenario Analysis for 2025: Study of Agro-Ecological Region 12 of IndiaSingandhupe, R. B.; Nanda, Prabhakar; Kar, Gouranga; Panda, D. K.; Verma, H. N.; Kumar, Ashwani; Swain, Mrutyunjay
2012Water Management Practices for Different Agro-Climatic Zones of OdishaKumar, Ashwani; Kar, Gouranga; Panda, Rabindra Kumar; Raychaudhuri, Sachidulal; Verma, Om Prakash