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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Anthropometric assessment and nutritional related diagnostic diseases prevalent in Ghumarwin block of Himachal PradeshKalia, Manoranjan; Sumita Devi
1995Assessment of nutritional status of expectant mothers in the Palampur sub-division of Himachal PradeshKalia, Manoranjan; Gupta, Radhna
1993Biological, biochemical and nutritional factors affecting the palatability of the fish fillet incorporated with cereal adjunctsKalia, Manoranjan; Chander, Kanta
2007Comparative study of immuno-therapeutic properties of bovine and human milkKalia, Manoranjan; Pandit, Sujata
2007Comparative Study Of Immuno-Therapeutic Properties Of Bovine And Human MilkKalia, Manoranjan; Pandit, Sujata; CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya; Palampur
1986Comparison of solar dehydration V/S conventional drying on the quality and acceptability of some commercial crops of Himachal PradeshKalia, Manoranjan; Surekha Kumari
2002Dependence on humectants, heat transfer co-efficient and kinetics of moisture removal in deep-fried productsKalia, Manoranjan; Dogra, Julie
2002Dependence On Humectants, Heat Transfer Co-Efficient And Kinetics Of Moisture Removal In Deep-Fried ProductsKalia, Manoranjan; Dogra, Julie; CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya; Palampur
2000Development Of Intermediate Moisture Food With Intent To Enhance Shelf Life And Nutrient Bio-AvailabilityKalia, Manoranjan; Sood, Sangita
2000Development of intermediate moisture foods with intent to enhance shelf life and nutrient bio-availabilityKalia, Manoranjan; Sood, Sangita
2003Development of meat analogue and extenders using soy proteins to suit indian taste and palatabilityKalia, Manoranjan; Sharma, Aparana
2003Development Of Meat Analogue And Extenders Using Soy Proteins To Suit Indian Taste And PalatabilityKalia, Manoranjan; Sharma, Aparana; CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya; Palampur
1992Development of weaning food utilization locally available raw materialsKalia, Manoranjan; Sood, Sapna
1984Effect of blending, pasteurization and preservations on quality and shelf life of citrus juices (Kinnow X Galgal and detection and removal of limonin)Kalia, Manoranjan; Barwal, Vishal Singh
1986Effect of different chemicals and processing variables on the quality and self-life of canned mushroomsKalia, Manoranjan; Sharma, Rajini
1970Effect of different soil moisture regimes on yield and qualty in anab-E-Shahi Grape (Vitis Vinifera)Nijjar, G. S; Kalia, Manoranjan
1996Effect of nutrition on the mental and motor development process of children (0-6 years) of Gaddi tribes in Kangra valley of Himachal PradeshKalia, Manoranjan; Sharma, Swati
1984Effect of preservatives on the quality and shelf life of Mango pulp preserved in glass and polyethylene containersKalia, Manoranjan; Sharma, Krishan Datt
1994Estimation of some of the important trace elements in the diet of people of Mandi district of Himachal PradeshKalia, Manoranjan; Mahajan, Nutan
1988Fermented and non-fermented products from soybean like soymilk, tofu and tempehKalia, Manoranjan; Prashar, Sarvmangla