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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Evaluation of centrally sponsored scheme for rehabilitation of bonded labour : Final reportIndia, Planning Commission
1967Evaluation report on 'lok karyakshetras' [Public Cooperation Centres]India, Planning Commission
1981Evaluation report on oilseeds development programme, 1976-80India, Planning Commission
1987Evaluation report on social forestry programmeIndia, Planning Commission
1981Evaluation report on the fishing harbour projects (March 1979-April 1980)India, Planning Commission
1968Evaluation study of the high yielding varieties programmeIndia, Planning Commission; Programme Evaluation Organisation
2001India as a knowledge superpower : Strategy for transformation :Task Force reportIndia, Planning Commission
1980Joint evaluation report on employment guarantee scheme of Maharashtra (April 1976 - October 1978)India, Planning Commission
1981Report of high level Team for Land Use Plan of SikkimIndia, Planning Commission
1970Report of The Committee of Experts on Unemployment EstimatesIndia, Planning Commission
1992Report of the Committee on Pricing of Irrigation WaterIndia, Planning Commission; Committee on Pricing of Irrigation Water
1956Report of the Engineering Personnel CommitteeIndia, Planning Commission
1991Report of the Study Group on Parameters of Consumption Sub-modelIndia, Planning Commission
1973Report of the task force on agrarian relationsIndia, Planning Commission
1972Report Of the task force on forest resources surveyIndia, Planning Commission
1972Report of the task force on ground water resourcesIndia, Planning Commission
1978Report of the Working Group on Block Level PlanniongIndia, Planning Commission
1965Report of the Working Group on Formulation of Fourth Five Year Plan Proposals of CottonIndia, Planning Commission
1965Report on current evaluation of the applied nutrition programme 1964-65India, Planning Commission
1981Report on development of backward hill areasIndia, Planning Commission; National Committee on Development of Backward Areas