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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Biotechnological interventions to enhance food security under abiotic stress conditionsGupta, N K
2003Diffrential responses of BA injection on yiled and specific grain growth in contrasting genotypes of wheatGupta, N K
1984-11Effect of feeding formaldehyde-treated groundnut-cake on the growth and nutrient utilization in Karan Swiss calvesGupta, N K; Gupta, B N
1985-07Effect of formaldehyde treatment of various protein-meals on The solubility, in vitro ammonia release and degradability in the rumenGupta, N K; Gupta, B N
2005Effect of NaCl salinity on photosynthesis rate transpiration rate and oxidative stress tolerance in contrasting wheat genotypesSharma, N; Gupta, N K
2015Effect of post anthesis high temperature stress on growth, physiology and antioxidative defense mechanisms in contrasting wheat genotypes: Ind J Plant Physiol; ( 2015)Gupta, N K
2013Effect of short term heat stress on growth physiology and antioxidative defense system in wheat seedlingsGupta, N K
2003Effect of sodium chloride on the growth and gas exchange of young Ziziphus seedling rootstocksMeena, S K; Gupta, N K
2001Effect of water stress on physiological attributes and their relationship with growth and yiled of wheat cultivars at different stagesGupta, N K
2000Exogenous cytokinin application increases cell membrane and chlorophyll stability in wheatGupta, N K
2011Field efficacy of exogenously applied putrescine in wheat under water stress conditionsGupta, Sunita; Gupta, N K
2011Field efficacy of exogenously appliie putrescine in wheat ( triticum aestivum ) under water stress conditions: Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences ;(2011) ;81(6); 516-9; Email, Sunita; Gupta, N K
2002Gas exchange , membrane permeability and ion uptake in two species of Indian jujube differing salt toleranceGupta, N K
2014High frequency regeneration protocol of Aloe vera L.Rizwan, M; Gupta, N K
2010HvNax3- a locus controlling shoot medium exclusion derived wild barleyShavrukov, Y; Gupta, N K
1993Physiological attributes of drought tolerance in wheat ( SKNAU)Gupta, N K
2006Post anthesis high temperature influences photsynthesis , grain growth and dry matter accumulation in contrasting wheat genotypeGupta, N K