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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-12Characterization Of Immunogen(S) Of Egg Drop Syndrome-76 (EDS-76) VirusSubbarao, M.V(MAJOR); Panduranga rao, V; Subba rao, K.V; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Wilson, J.D.
1994-12Comparative Efficacy Of parenteral And Oral Anthelminitics Against Strongylosis In SheepChoudhuri, P.C(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Syam Sunder, N; Satyanarayana reddy, J; Prasanthi, Bommareddy
1992-08comparative studies On the Reproductive Charcteristics In Large White Yorkshire And Indigenous Pigs With Reference To Gestation And FarrowingRamchandraiah, S.V(MAJOR); Venkatamuni Chetty, A; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Krishna Reddy, K; Ram Babu, P
1992-08Comparitive Studies On The Post-Natal Development Of Epididymis In Indigenous And Crossbred Pigs With Particular Reference To Biometry,Histomorphometry And HistochemistryRamchandraiah, S.V(MAJOR); Venkatamuni Chetty, A; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Sreeraman, P.K; Veera Bramhaiah, K
1995-10Development,Standardisation And Field Evaluation Of Immunodiagnostic Kits To Ranikhet Disease VirusSubba rao, M.V(MAJOR); Suribabu, T; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Sreedevi, B
1996-11Diagnosis And Theraphy Of Subclinical Mastitis In Cows With Special Reference To Electrical Conductivity OF MilkChoudhuri, P.C(MAJOR); Hamza, P.A; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Venkata reddy, T; Vijaya reddy, L
1992-09Efficacy Of Activated Charcoal In Ameliorating Harmful Effects Of Aflatoxicosis In Broiler ChickenRama rao, P(MAJOR); Subba rao, M.V; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Subba Reddy, K.V; Anjaneyulu, Yarlagadda
1996-09Hematological,Biochemical,Immunological And Clinicopathological Studies In Lead Toxicity In BuffaloesSriraman, P.K(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Venkata reddy, T; SUJATHA, K
1996-08Investigation Into The Diagnosis,Pathogenesis,Biochemical Changes And Treatment Of Sublinical Ketosis In Crossbred Cowschoudhuri, P.C(MAJOR); Karunanidhi, P.S.; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Prabhakar rao, Z; Venkateswarulu, Kuncharapu
1993-12pathology Of Respiratory System In DogsSreeraman, P.K(MAJOR); Rama rao, P; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Panduranga rao, V; Sreenu sai, S
1995-06Production And Purification Of Soluble Antigens From Brucella AbortusPandu ranga rao, V(MAJOR); Suri babu, T; Venkat reddy, T; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Vamsi Mohan, V
1991-05Studies On Hypocalcaemic Conditions In Post-parturient Bovines And Its TherapyKarunanidhi, P.S(MAJOR); Choudhuri, P.C; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Subba reddy, K.V; Raja sekhar, K
1992-09Studies On Nitrate Poisoning In BuffaloesKarunanidhi, P.S(MAJOR); Choudhuri, P.C.; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Subba reddy, K.V; Ganapathi Rao, Bagurubilli
1992-10Studies On pathology Of Urinary System In CaninesNigar Ahmed, M(MAJOR); Ramarao, P; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Subba rao, M.V; Sree vani, K
1992-10Studies On The Incidence Of Protozoan Parasites Of Cattle And Buffaloes In Andhra Pradesh Along With Certain Haematological And Biochemical Changes In Theileria Annulata InfectionHafeez, (MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Subba rao, M.V; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Chengalya Rayulu, V
1994-09Studies On The Pathology Of Experimental Infectious Bursal Disease(Gumboro Disease) In ChickenSriraman, P.K(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Venkata Reddy, T; Chalapati rao, B
1989-08Studies On The Pathology Of Rabbit MortalityRama rao, P(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Seshagiri Rao, A; Srilatha, Ch
1989-12Studies On The Toxicity Of Cleistanthus Collinus Rox'BSivaramakrishnaiah, K(MAJOR); Gopal Naidu, N.R; Yadagiri, B; Srinivasa rao, G